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Yeah that's awesome. What Zyppah disciplinarian are you calling as a data bank or a time out guy how do you kind of handle discipline with the kids so so I'm tired? I've tried a bunch of different the things I don't try to revert to spanking but I do I tried Just a conversation. That didn't help. My son was a hand food but for me personally like I don't speak a lot but if I got two or three with it then they stay straighten up I think that's the best for me. Even I tell them and I always knows tell them why or give them love even afterwards. But I'm just like you understand understand like there's a choice the choices you make their comes consequence was always trying to tell you want to do what's right and they always x. y.. anyways and always tell them why so I just thought it was still in the early Great Values and understanding that everything they do if you keep doing it. That's the choice. So do you WANNA weapon because you keep acting this way. Then you want to get to work and that's your choice so for me. That's that's what I do We tried it too much but now that they get older. We don't don't do it as much more this but understanding but yeah so that's why we that's how I kind of go about. It could stop and do you have the five year old involving avenue sports or activities yet. Oh man she's she's done so the my little one he's a he's a he's the boy my oldest WANNA sue. She's a girl she does dance. Domestic Shin do soccer But like we'll go out and raise a lot And she's like she's fast not only that she could run like long. So I'm like okay. She's GonNa be my girl but my son is like he almost built like me so he'll be fast too so I'm excited for the hammer starts stuff stuff stuff with my daughter loves swimming. She can swim her butt off So yeah I'm just getting everything but she's really smart so that's a big plus for us. Well well 'cause you know high in China Calix so yeah I got him in activities. Yeah that's how about as far as I know for a lot of us. Parents is dealing with the technology street. Time the IPAD monitor all that with your kids. That's a good thing so The mother now we we always talk because like especially. She works nights so she worked from like seven to three and then she'll get up but I mean I have to travel back and forth because I'm in Austin I've been in there but she would like give them the ipads in the morning just a little bit because they wanna play and you just give time so she can go to sleep but we try to limit because harlow wants to be. That's my she wants to be an IPAD on the time and we'll and we'll be like Oh my God we gotta stop get them in a in a technology so much and go no player goes on and then what we usually do anyway. Because I'm always trying to teach them how to read or do this and do that at my daughter so smart and they pick up stuff even when it comes to technology stuff world but we try to limit that as much as possible because man they become addicted to it. Yeah Yeah I'm facing that same problem I show up four kids myself and I'm having trouble double with some of them so It definitely a challenge for sure and one thing to call them. Because you are co-parenting I know a lot of single DADS listened to the podcast. You're one of the things they struggle with a lot is. When is the right time? Introduce a new potential spouse to your children. So at what point do you think you'd have to get to in a new relationship introduced. I do Potential spouse do your kids man. That is a very very good question. I think it becomes a point. Where and it's almost? It's almost scary at a sense. You know because it's just like someone else in them. As a lot of unfamiliarity that'll happen and then just like understanding MOMS who daddy's new partner and getting the kids to try to understand that accepting. I think they will eventually. But even just the awkwardness route. Think at the same time. There's as many time it gets everything but it's just like once you get to not one very well and this is somebody that okay you can see that you can spend your life with and then you saw okay uh-huh and then understanding okay. They notice situation as well. And then okay and then having a conversation with that partner whether it was a girl guy whatever it is and then come into points out okay. Would you like to meet my kids. And then if they say yeah they feel comfortable. Then you go about it so I think you have to have a talk with your partner. And then if they're comfortable and then talk then you have to have a talk with your ex and they have to be comfortable so it's just like all parties gotta be comfortable with it so if you build it if you have a good relationship. What's your extra whoever it is then I think it'd it's a lot easier? Yeah I know it's a lot easier said than done and I can only imagine it's awesome to see that level of commitment that you do have That's going on you find your kids here What what's next for you call it? What kind of goals you have for yourself? You jerk so most feature I definitely want to be no I WANNA be around my kid's life a lot more. It's hard because I travel to so many different countries and I just want to be there for them so then okay okay. Well I'M GONNA I'm GonNa make that happen and trying to figure that out Seeing if okay I'm GONNA do another four years or I'm a you know. Stop for a little bit of year to take a year off and then maybe go back to it and then figure out you know what I WANNA do. I like okay if I move here then. Okay what I'm GonNa do so job. Wise is and then Just mostly just trying to be there for them more so especially as my kids start getting into sports more and I want to continue to you know bill good care it doesn't instill good buyers in them. I think I WANNA do that really early as possible. So that's one of my big things has been around for them more. You're still in good bye into them. So so that they they know how to operate and working those world because his world is no joke. The very well last thing I wanna hit you with your calling. I love to ask all the data. Has it again the podcast. What's happening advice? Do you have that new dad or for that about to be father who's out there listening. the gets a new dad That's out there or listen about to listen or maybe no no. They're wanting to sooner or later but anyway my thing is to always be consistent. I mean the the thing is consistency of everything. And you know there's never how can I say this as as you can't do things when it's convenient and you know you gotta learn how to you know work through issues regardless of what it is goes through it you know you can't you know put stuff on hold and try to go back to it and then when things are good they'd come out. I think you always gotta work through these days worth two issues have good communication skills Because sit there and think about the whole pitcher pitcher. Don't think about just one problem or one thing about how everything affects XYZ regardless of what it is because you can become so close minded so so I think when you when you look at this from a the right perspective and hope pitcher save you a lot of time and save you a lot of you know Being being tired. You know problems and things like that. So the main thing is you know just just have great body in the foundation of the man because I think it helps you with everything I think the father and then everything general in life. Yeah very well settled the message. There's been an honor for me. Say Calling I'll thank you so much time on. I last bothersome man. I appreciate you so much.

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