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How news time 12 03, after shutting the political world with a primary went over incumbent GOP congressmen Scott Tipton, Lauren Bo Burt is going to Congress. Hobart defeated Democrat Dianne Mitch Bush toe win the third District Congressional seat. Thank you so much. To the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers. We have just a few here who have dedicated so much of their lives to this campaign because they love America. They want their government, small and their freedom. Really big. It was the first time she ran for anything. Bill Bird carries a gun on her right hip, and she and her husband, own shooters, Grill and rifle or the waitstaff openly packed heat. That's reporter Gerry Bell. In other congressional races in Colorado, it was Jason Crow winning reelection he took on challenger Steve House. Diana to get was a winner over Republican shame. Bowling at Perlmutter won another term in Congress. He beat Republican Casper stocking by a wide margin, of course and governor. Former governor John Hickenlooper is projected as the winner in the U. S Senate race against Cory Gardner. That's the latest I'm pat Water. No impact Traffic thiss report is sponsored by Napa auto parts from the bedspread, Sports Traffic Center. A lots going on across town. Let's go off Highway where there's road work that continues on eastbound Evans. Between Dalia and Holly. So watch out for delays. There also gotta crash off highway at University and Evans Police are on the scene. You might wanna avoid that stretch for now. One slow spot on the highway, Dr. Westbound. I 76 stop and go between Pecos and Federal. The right lane is blocked on that stretch for road construction. So expect delays for.

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