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They know how to go. Hi, lo they not to swing is screen roll pop swing all smart basketball. These guys know. Well, Toronto's got veterans do you think they make it a, a captivating? Final do you think it's good? I think I think it comes down to debate three of clay Draymond and an curry against the big three on defense Kawai. He Baca and gazelle. Now I'm not discrediting sokoll, but I'm saying these these other guys been there. And I think whoever plays they're you know, that side of the ball better is going to come out on top what I said this about Kawhi Leonard. He does remind me not personality wise. But he's got Jordan's hands. Okay. He's got his leanness. Okay. He's got a mid range game. There are times. I watch. Now, if you gave me Kobe's personality and flair in koalas body because I always felt Kobe was the closest thing to MJ but, but Michael got these clause that half the time he goes to the basket, and it's an advantage as it is amazing. Do you see weaknesses with Kawhi like do you see a little Michael Jordan with him? I don't see any weaknesses. We're Kawai and I do not see Michael Jordan. I don't know. What do you see? I mean I see just an amazing play a better version of Pippin. I don't see Jordan Jordan has shake right, left fade away. He has so much charisma fashion. He told me it was just I don't see that in Kawai you see a grinder..

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