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He's also recorded an announcement that he's out too we're expecting a statement today from another possible candidate for mayor franks kerr like after prosecutors raise charges against him to assault scarlato was arrested in may and booked on a lesser charge of obstructing a public place police accused hamma bumping an officer during the protest surrounding the removal of the jefferson davis monument scarola told the new orleans advocate that the charges were an example of quote typical louisiana politics skirl cast not qualify for the mayor's race yet two people a three people have been charged gulf port regarding a sexual assault that was shared on facebook live nineteen year old haley hudson wanted on a charge of sexual battery being held on a four hundred thousand dollars bond she'll be charged as an adult aboard he'll be about bob as he john johnson who has seventeen will be charged as an adult to dr fabian booker also charged with felony kidnapping and sexual assault a half dozen more candidates signed up so far to attorney general jeff sessions today announcing the results of a nationwide law enforcement action targeting healthcare fraud saying four hundred twelve people including fifty six doc others have been arrested in sessions spoke about part of the operation that involved opioid treatment centres among those defendants announced today one hundred and twenty have been charged with opioid related crimes making this also the largest opioid related fraud take down in american history do research suggesting when children are exposed to negative experiences it affects both their mental and physical healthy retire live wwl michele southern rebel assaf ski professor pediatrics.

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