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To buy water from this joint for a year I know the Latino guy behind the counter a little bit I waited in line at the woman in front of ME completed her purchase white woman sixties probably once attractive very LA new AG type she was sighing she turned to me and ask how are you now I always talk to strangers and they often talk to me I said tennis in paradise two hours of tennis in perfect so cal weather not much more I can ask how about you to which she replied I am not well trump has messed up my life I respond I seriously doubt that the best president sent Abraham Lincoln has Mr life up let the games begin she launched into a tirade about trump being a fascist and a racist the Tino guy behind the counter is not sure what to make of the exchange yes all of this is going down three young guys in their early twenties come into the store the ring leader is a fairly menacing looking young black guy a good six foot four and ripped along with his two buddies one white one Hispanic also very tall muscular guys the woman looked at the young black man points to me and says he likes the racist Donald Trump the young black man looks at me and says you voted for trump a quizzical look on his face absolutely I said the woman then said he thinks he's the best presence in Lincoln yeah races cinder back center back center back races how they make you feel she pointed me once again and one more set of the black guy he's a trump supporter black guy ignored her and then turned to me and said you know.

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