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My kids because I the whole family went my kids are just like oh my gosh. Deacons from Nashville there. Chavez Rockies there. He was just like, this is crazy. This is a Christmas party. Like who are these people that you buy me a bow guys? Josh. Yeah. Yeah. And who is it Santa Santa was there? The real Santa real Santa I heard. Yeah. How do you get him? Just call them up. We had a long standing relationship. He and I let's find another one your songs. Let's play by me about you. Go with that. Thank you. All right. We'll come back with Chris Johnson here on the Bobby bones show. Me. I wish I. Now on a pile Warren. Mammy? Mommy. Cowley? I try. Change. Million dollars. True. Down. Me. Bam. Uh-huh. So. Both. Chris Janson is here. I got into the worst job that you have ever had. We'll talk about that coming up more with Christianity next. I love that Dollar Shave Club has everything that I need to look feel and.

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