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A really really uh decorated uh lawyer in this country prosecutor and without incredible history and then you get shipped to washington to cover the lewinsky case which by the way as we talk as we speak today were we're marking the twentieth anniversary of just one day after of that story breaking uh i remember all those reports calling me from washington as sitting here in chicago's in what he's going to have to resign bank right that's right line kinda misread the politics of the country uh talk about that covering that well i mean it was fascinating i think i felt really kind of in over my head at first coming to washington and then on a major story trying to keep up with all the other journalists and all the the other analysts and and you know just trying to manage everything that was there was coming my way trying to understand the politics of the country and i guess the question of morality in politics as well it became an issue but it was it was interesting to be around to get some upclose look at at how the clinton white house operated i was not somebody who i didn't have a lot of inside access i was a little bit more on the outside that i was getting a sense of what a generation of reporters were dealing with with the clintons and then i pivoted and i started covering bush and covering the bush years and it was interesting i think to to start covering up political figure like bush who pivots off of those years in a way where he positions himself as someone who you may like or dislike is politics but who was in a restore dignity was going to restore honor and dignity you know to the white house and that in that matter to a lot of people you a you'd as you mentioned covered that bush campaign.

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