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He just chirped well. It is also interesting that we have such strong feelings about it. Because i could sit here. And i could rudimentary till the cows come home and really who cares i in terms of why do i have a visceral reaction to a movie that i saw that one time so i could refer to it when i taught it and you know certainly read about it and written about it but i do have still have a visceral very negative visceral reaction i mean i found them all annoying except except brett butler and the idea that anybody would shoes. Ashley wilkes over bucknell. Oh come on really but anyway well come on through but the important thing for me about gone. The wind in nineteen thirty nine is said that was people argue one of the best years in american movie because we add five blockbuster movies that year we have. Mr smith goes to washington. We have geronimo. We have the wizard of is we have gone of the wind. Of course and then we have stage coach and all of those movies are movies in which an individual in everything except gone with the wind. Somebody who says an average person and every man is taking on the government is going ahead and creating their own future you know when she's holding up the radishes and waving. I'm sorry i'll stop creating their own their early in there now you can check into gone with the wind but there. There's even a scene here. We got these even as seen in toronto. Where theoretically in this movie of that. Geronimo's kind of incidental to it but theoretically geronimo is causing trouble for the euro americans in the film. But he's actually set up to cause trouble by government indian agent. And there's all these moments like in. Mr smith goes to washington right. The government is corrupt. And there's this individual guy who in the script is from somewhere in the west goes and takes on the government and the wizard of oz. Yeah going no totally..

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