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Some of us heading to the 40s others hanging around here until sometime tomorrow when we get that sharp downturn in terms of temperatures. We're brought to you by letting the plumber trust the same day service 7 days a week. Well, still I had here on WTO a suspect accused I should say accused of using dating apps to target his victims in part of our area. We'll explain that story coming up. The greater Washington board of trade is the most established and credible regional organization representing businesses, universities, governing entities and social organizations with the goal of inclusive, sustainable growth. Here is current chair Jermaine Johnson, PNC bank regional president, with important regional business insights for 2023. This is Jermaine Johnson. Regional president PNC bank. We have over 2200 PNC employees who live, work and play here in greater Washington and across the state of Virginia. Our workforce manages to do the transportation issues. High cost of living, infrastructure challenges, and concerns about the best education for our children of all ages. As chair of the border trade, I believe these are the same challenges you face at your companies. They are some of the issues that will shape our region's future. Issues we are working on intently to support our business community. For more information, go to BOT dot org. Good to have you here at 7 21. Life doesn't stop when the economy is uncertain. The market might not care you have a wedding to plan. Or a kid

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