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Meryl Streep, Billy, Glenn Close discussed on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn


This week Billy I on his hit show Billy on the street. Billy quizzes bewildered New York pedestrians on the topics that are nearest and dearest to his heart including but not limited to Britney Spears, Meryl Streep and Madonna Meryl Streep is better than glencoe. Okay. How great what you and then alley wall. She's a standup comic who recorded her breakthrough special when she was seven and a half months pregnant, seven months pregnant so much baby. It was a tremendously tough thing to do something. She is still very proud. But she can't help. But wonder was there an easier way to make it big? There are women. I believe out there who just choose. And I'm like, what am I doing? I made all the wrong decisions. Finally, I'll tell you about the Taurus. And composer created bossa Nova saw coming up on bullseye. Let's go. It's bowls. I Jesse thorn. My guest is Billy Eichner. We talked in two thousand thirteen he hosts one of my favorite shows. Billy on the street. Maybe you've seen it. If you haven't. Here's the premise Eichner goes out on the streets of New York City and asks random passersby pop culture quiz questions if they get them, right? They win money only. If you're imagining something like cash cab or something it is definitely not that the host is a manic petulant Madonna obsessed man who shouts at his contestant storms off from them before they can finish their sentence. And if they win that big cash prize, it's usually a dollar the shows since returned to its home on funnier die. It's great as ever he just did a bit with Tiffany haddish where they tried to cast a new more woke version of hocus pocus, the ninety three witch comedy starring Bette midler and Sarah. Jessica parker. It's Tiffany haddish. Hi. How are you? Yeah. We're gonna make an more inclusive. Hocus pocus are you straight in white? Yes. Oh, okay. We need Asian which is the show's best moments, though, aren't always with celebrities like in this clip when Billy found a man with some very firm opinions about Meryl Streep who's better Meryl Streep or Glenn Close Clinton close by. No truth mills tweak is her name is Meryl Streep Meryl Streep which is a porn star. I'll kill squeakers. Oh, she's Dutt know Meryl Streep is better than Glenn cook. Okay. I'll great what you. Billy eichner. Welcome to the show. Hi, I love that clip. That man is an amazing, man. He is he is very carefully turned out. Yes, also missing teeth missing a few teeth, and he continues the segment after you have left the frame. That's right for minutes. Absolutely. I walk away, and this semi toothless, man. He may or may not be homeless. I don't know if he is. So very sharp though for a homeless guy. He's got it sharp, and he has some very passionate opinions about Meryl Streep even though he says streak and Glenn Close. He really loves Glenn Close. He must watch damages. I don't know. How I I like that. He's a big fan of you to he he he is emphatic about making the point. It's incredible years. That's one of my favorite clips of all time. And I haven't heard it in a while. So that was fun. I I wrote we have this called the outshot on the show where I recommend some. And I wrote one about your show because. Introduction. I think it's totally great. Thank you very much. And.

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Meryl Streep, Billy, Glenn Close discussed on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

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