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Sounding board. I I don't know if you can give him a MAC he's earned it three championships. Don't get me wrong. And one of the greatest shooters of all time. But he is not the focal point of that warriors team right now, it's Katie number one. It was even Katie when he joined two years ago. It was then Steph Steph is the face and will always be the face, and we'll go down as the best player ever in a Golden State Warriors uniform. And I think the sounding board is is dream on. So the reason why I think clay, you know, lies under the radar because you know, you we focus on those other three. I that's why I'm not sure that's MAC down. Give your best player a max deal. That's I understand the logic behind that. With what you're saying. But then I wonder if if they slide him or he feels like it's a slight. I say, hey, could you take five years one hundred sixty million? Then all of a sudden, he goes, you know, let me see what the clippers are offering here because you know, quite could use a wingman here. And then maybe have something like that. Oh, gone. I can't fault them. All you need is one team anyone team to off you that. He he's earned the right to jump. She. He's won three championships. So it's okay. If he goes to the clippers he's going home, you know, he's from the southern California area grew up there. So I mean, I can't I won't fault. That just like, I I'm not gonna fault them not offering him. The max, I know you gotta go. But I did want to ask you about the the money Williams situation that, you know, Adrian Watson around you said that he turned down the Lakers or he took the sun's job. And the Lakers surprised. I always thought it was a foregone conclusion Tyler is getting the job. But did did Monty Williams make the right decision here? If you had the Lakers or the sons which. Job. Would you take accent? Okay. With that. Young core Booker Eytan of potential top. Let's say three pick. It's a great location to live to play a great fan base. You don't know what's going on with the Lakers. You don't know. What's going on the Lakers front office? The scouting don't don't get me wrong. You've got LeBron. That's great. But right now, that's it. And there's a lot of heavy expectations. And that to me, I think Tyler was fit for that job. You know, he understands the Ron he's won a championship with them. Yeah. I think that's a good fit. But if I'm Monty Williams, I made the right decision for the valley of the son. I know you got a plane to catch. We'll be watching on Wednesday night. Thank you, reg, or you are the best in. Hey, no this. We are here for you. We love you, whatever you need from the fifth, Dan. I'm here for your brother. All right. I am ear for you. Thank you. Reggie Reggie Allah wishes Miller. He's got the game Wednesday night in Oakland. I didn't get a chance to ask him about Robin Fikre, fritzy reached out to Robyn figure, and if you're old enough to remember, Robin, vicar, he was a heckler he was the heckler in the eighties nineties. Maybe I think it was second row. This is before social media, and he would go to these bullets games. And. I remember months. Fortunately, we gave him a lot of attention probably made him a star. And fritzy tracked him down. I don't know if he goes to games anymore. He hasn't gone to games recently. But he's been watching the highlights. Amaz how the games changed in recent years? He was telling me about three point shot, and it just Wildwood hardened Kerr able to do, and he's definitely got some stories about who was heckling what he was saying. I think in police not sure if the story is true. But you know, why would that interfere with us that Barkley would Charles Barkley would by Robin Fikre a ticket? I heard I lived out in Phoenix. When the Phoenix Suns were playing the bulls ninety five and there was a story that Barkley either bought a ticket or flu vicar out to heckle the bulls. Don't know if it's true. That would have been during the NBA finals ninety three sons in bowl ninety three ninety four. Yeah. Well, we'll talk to Robin Thicke. Join us coming up. Chris Mannix was at the Celtics game last night. And in Pauley brought up a great point this morning. He thought that the he had the the TV on mute because there is no noise whatsoever. In the last three minutes at the Boston Garden that Celtic fan base had checked out Celtics did too, but that Celtic fan base like so what can we give up to get Anthony Davis next year? They that's what I would be thinking because I get feeling just like reg does that Kyrie's out the door? We'll take a break here. We'll get two phone calls. Who's will? Also, we'll talk to Doug O'Neill, the legendary horse racing trainer. He had some thoughts on what happened at the Kentucky Derby. He'll join us as well. Back after this on the Dan Patrick show..

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