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Douglas Howard has been our special guest and Dr Howard. It's always fun to see in person, largely because when I talk to people about the validity of claims if a person won't look in the eye, they're probably not going to tell you the truth. And I've had the pleasure of knowing too significant people that run very significant, cos I know that my friend would not hesitate in me saying this. It all but Mike Lyndall, the founder of the My pillow. Dr Douglas Howard, the founder of Balance of Nature. I've gotten to know both of you as men and as individuals and as someone who's not on the microphone, but off the air, and we have private conversations and so forth. And I couldn't tell you. There's something so significant about a company where not only the CEO and the inventor in the founder takes care of his people and treats his employees as though they're extensions of his family and really believes in, you know, harboring a quality environment in that. But to see that spill over into the quality of the product and how it does what it says it does. And all of those other things, there's only a handful of people in all of America. That sell things on a regular basis that can make the claim what I say. My product does it actually does and bounce of nature's is one of the very few that I've ever run across. That actually doesn't one of the reasons why I'm so passionately and advocate for balance of nature. I've seen it work in my life. I've seen it work in other people's lives. But I want you to talk a little bit about the integrity of the process because there have been opportunities where people have come to you. Or maybe they were trying to pull a shortcut on you. And they've They've tried to take shortcuts with your process, and it's actually sometimes cost you a little time, energy and money. But you've been so Uh, passionate about making sure that the process stays pure. The product stays pure and that it does what you've said and envision from the beginning. Talk about that. And when I start talking because I'm an invite, likes to come on the microphone list because there's some experiences that I want him to share with us on this. Interesting as you can imagine. Through the years we have had company upon company come and talk with us. And I had a dear friend actually come with his dad early on, and they saw the possibilities here and And they came in, and they they wanted to invest into us and so they sit down, they said. So what's your exit strategy? How we gonna make money on this? And I said, my exit strategy is the epitaph on my On my tombstone, it says made a difference in this world and changed lives and quality that literally it was my answer to them. We just couldn't Ever get it together, And there's Lex got the experience of seeing many times, for example, I'm just gonna put it out there. But people wanted us to go multi level time after time and companies that wanted us to, and then we would sit down because, yeah, I mean, we needed to make money, and we need to make it through the bad times. I mean, you didn't start this as a business you started. This is a way to help your patients. So the business side of it Was something you had to get a learning curve on and grow and kind of shepherd from day one. This is not something ever thought I'd be doing. I love practice. I love people. And so, So as we started doing this, though, people started, you know, coming out the woodwork, and it's interesting that people then that we would say no, There's some. There's some major Was a major health food chain that wanted to do some things, but when they wanted us to change it, everyone every single time they wanted to change it every single time. They wanted us to cheapen it because it had to be cheaper. Anyway. There was this one multi level that they were doing something and then in some third world countries and helping people, they said, you know, if they get two of these, it's better than having to two capsules. That is, It was better than nothing and they started convinced me to some things like that, And so Started talking with him. Came down to the line when they were they had already a multi level business they were doing. They just wanted to replace it with us plug and play. And so we found out they were paying How much How much likes wasn't that they were paying per bottle for those vitamins a dime. A dime, and they were selling him for $60. And so and that was from the manufacturer. Yes, of the manufacturers making money, too. That's right. That was their price. They weren't even making themselves. And they were then they just had a good story. They were telling these people that they would become financially independent in blah, blah, blah. When it came down to it, they found out that over half of our costs, they're actually in the product. They were like, Well, what? We can't do that You got to do this and that and that's when they came. You know how about two in the capsule? Obviously, we could never make it work. One of these guys that was doing this once. Finally he just wanted to make something work. And we even flew had flown out with our attorney because we thought something was gonna work with this and everything and And just and then it got down. OK, So how we gonna make it cheaper? And I was like, I won't change the product. I won't change what we do. We won't do that. These are the studies I have. This is why it works is how it works. I won't change it were about changing lives. And if you could sit, in fact, I invite you, Kevin, come and sit in on one of our our staff meetings..

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