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Texas radio and a big beat hey that's the doors right there if you don't know that's a hangover says about texas radio and the big beat there's some great lyrics in that if you don't know the doors check out my favorite band but anyway i haven't forgotten about juli julia within two seconds if you're not julie but you're on hold i'll be with you an amp f you say is after julie at one eight eight eight three two one six thousand one this is the last half hour before the big reveal we're gonna get a name of his justice and and tomorrow we'll talk all about it julie the question pending thanks by the way thanks for sticking with me i appreciate it julie the question pending is how do we convince people five ten fifteen whatever percent of indiana to turn away from the dark side and turn to the light how do we persuade them what what happened was knits when mitch daniels ran for governor and he kind of one in a surprise upset she bread afterwards it was in the paper that the department of justice because this was when bush was president began targeting the democrat machine and those three counties here you costa chicago and to this day to this day the department of justice has some very petty cases against the government officials there was one earlier this year for it was a sheriff i think our sheriff's deputy who took fifteen hundred dollar used car bribe and that was a federal case a federal thing is going to be prosecuted but this is the level of attention they pay to intimidate and break down the machine so we we hear the most populous counties the most democrat counties we have lost our our momentum so to speak and we carry the rest of the state because they went back and forth i mean it wasn't always solid red as it is now so other than that it's like i said it's a very backwards state it's much more like kentucky in their thinking than any other state how do we get this thing how do we get the thinking it'd be less like kentucky it's like it's like all the other deep red states i mean they they by the garbage they they hate the word socialism democratic socialism they i don't know i don't know i let me let me see if i could offer a little hope firstly what you see what you're saying is is that the republicans politicize the prosecutorial powers to turn them into political weapons and i totally agree and we have we have a name don siegelman don siegelman for democrat governor of alabama mean it's been well documented a karl rove rigged and fix the prosecutorial system to go after don siegelman.

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