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And I'll go back to the burrows beat on sea on the media my name is Evan marano. You hope you guys are having a great day, and a great week. Hopefully a happy Halloween. If you want us something funny, to the kids out for trick or treating, get some good candy. I'm eating way too many M and ms. And I can not believe it's November. It is freaking November, which is wild to me. And was even more wild as the bruins don't play for another like hundred years. Another hundred years, which I was just great. Great job by the schedule makers to just completely have the bruins have these weird breaks in between games, but they do not play. Again, until November 4th. And to talk about everything bruins. Had on my good friend Logan Mullen of Ness and dot com and we discussed the changes with the top lines that Bruce Cassidy made in the last game in the last couple of games. We talked about David pasternak, worry is there something wrong? We get into Jax te nika and what's it going to take for him to get going and maybe earn a spot in the lineup? And then we got into the fun of the musical chairs that is the defensive pairings. Who pairs with who? What is going to get Derek for Burke to get going? And we discussed all of those things and more. And today's episode, by the way, it's brought to you by bet online and go to both of those places more details later in this episode on both. And without further ado,.

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