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Come maybe one one last question sort of on these are yanni ever lucien in early stay so in menu think back to when you i learned about bitcoin and said to understand the concept and implications and in unocal projected forward okay wears is all going to go what's going to happen what but did you get right about this and what are some things in developments have happened urges completely surprised you yeah great question so when i got right was that bitcoin would be huge and it would start to takeover the global financial system that is absolutely happening so that's been really exciting to see you know bitcoin costing a couple thousand dollars every major financial institution investigating this technology tens of millions of users around the world and that you really just a incredible growth in the transaction count in a number of services and it's it's just dumb continuing to expand which is what i hoped in what i predicted would happen uh what i didn't predicts was of that money as a usage would be just one little branch of what blockchain's would end up doing i'm still most interested in the money branch i think that's what the world needs the most deserve a form of freemarket money but blockchain's of mouse bond all sorts of these other tokens some of which are really fascinating even other not related to money and in two thousand eleven i didn't didn't imagine that kind of thing would ever whatever happened in and certainly up until about late twenty thirteen i was very much bitcoin maximalist night thought all these other digital asset coins were were stupid or distractions at best and i was totally wrong about that so that's something i got wrong as well.

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