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Wait so he he only had to live with them till he was ten i still fucking obsess really chickens god that's so annoying like some trauma this is the guy that can't get over his high school girlfriend but aside schoolgirl which is what the story is telling after ten years of worry with incubators that did not hatch and with tiny and in their own way lovely balls of fluff that passed on incubators into semi naked polar hood and from that into dead hen hood we threw all aside and packing our belongings on a wagon drove down griggs road towards bidwell a tiny caravan of hope looking for a new place from which to start on our upward journey through life we must have been a sad looking lot not high fancy unlike refugees fleeing from a battlefield don't compare yourself to refugee yeah maybe you weren't buddy you left to chicken and you'll have to check your privilege my friend mother and i walked the road wait he in the mom had to walk in the road while the dad gets to ride in the car yeah women and children can't be in the car it can't be in the car because then they might think they could drive they have to be seen but not driven the wagon that contained her goods had been borrowed for the day from mr albert albert griggs a neighbor we griggs of griggs wow chiller rhody out of its side stuck the legs of cheap chairs and at the back of the pile of beds tables and boxes filled with kitchen utensils was a crate of live chickens you're asking there it is under there.

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