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Well, one of the things that I love that regulators that they clearly know what they are doing. This is most obvious today from the European Union, which is basically about to destroy the entire internet in Europe. You're listening to the Ben Shapiro show. There's an article by the electronic freedom foundation today about the new EU copyright directives for the internet. They're totally insane. I mean, completely and utterly insane. Here's the way that this works under the final tax regulations. Now passed by the European Union any online community platform or service that has existed for three or more years or is making ten million euros or more per year. Which is pretty much every mid sized internet company that operates in the public space each one of those each one of those services is responsible for ensuring that no user ever posts anything that infringes copyright, even momentarily sofa comments are at our site daily wire posts, a Jeff from a movie, and we didn't do it. We will now be held to account underly rules as the F F points out. This is impossible. The closest any service can come to it is spending hundreds of millions of euros to develop automated copyright filters. Those filters will subject all communications of every European to interception and arbitrary censorship. If a black box algorithm decides their texts pictures sales or videos are a match for known copyrighted were there a gift to fraudsters. And criminals to say nothing of sensors both government and private these filters are unaffordable by all, but the largest tech companies all based in the United States. So it'd be fine for Google which could afford to put together algorithms. Like this. But for daily wire, we would simply stop operating in Europe. It is that simple. According to the F F, America's big tech companies would certainly prefer not to have to install these filters. But the possibility of being able to grow unchecked without having to contend with European competitors is pretty good second prize. Amazingly. The tiny useless.

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