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And he was widely criticized for, but, but he was he was trying to make a comparison. And it was a terrible when by the way, and we all said so at the time this, this to me is a little bit different. And I mean because he's putting himself in there. And no, I cannot I cannot imagine Nick saving doing something this, this off. More. It was just absolutely poor judgment. And like I said it took me down and notch to I'm with you one hundred percent. And I. I'm still a fan of debt. I mean you know, I, I mean, I've got some theories on it, and I think Ken Smith Meyer head some as well. But I mean sometimes it can be too much too soon. That's right. Well, my advice to them, Bo is to keep your mouth shut and just coach football. And the only other thing I want to say before going off is the guy that called in about the risk restaurant. You know what I think I, I don't know if you remember the story, I told you about of the old black gentleman that let my girlfriend go into his house goes to the bathroom. Right. Then it's the Alabama that I'm no okay? Hey, listen. Thank you for the call, Jerry, great to hear from you again. We have been talking about this dabbler Sweeney situation. I realize some of you were just getting on board. Maybe not as familiar with it. We're going to get into that right now, as we welcome Michael brand do the program from Saturday down south. Thank you very much. Michael, great to have you on. And. This is fairly confusing story. When you when you factor in that it took place, a long time ago. We say Hello to you, and would you mind explaining to the audience how this the following the developing ball here from the time. Daboh said it until today. Yeah. Oklahoma, first of all, thanks for having me, appreciate it. But you know much like you I saw these comments for the first time last last night on Twitter. I saw it on Twitter from South Carolina, Santa count. I said to myself, surely, Davos, not say this. I saw from another South Carolina fan. Then I start seeing Georgia fans getting riled up about it. I did some research on it, and the, you know, like he's on here on your show, this is easier just older comments that he had on Sirius XM radio..

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