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They don't really when they don't have the story nailed. It's the worst is yet to come and Pharaoh dramatically on MSNBC got NBC to release all women whoever signed a nondisclosure agreement with NBC. NBC said if they feel like they're. We're keeping them from speaking. About their stories they are. Are, now free to talk. We will not enforce NDA's and that was portrayed as a bump on boom. All these women are going to starting to come out, and it's my story about Matt Lauer is going to be proven to be true. That was over six months ago, Glenn. The crickets are still chirping. There's not been one not one person who has come forward, and said Yep I signed an NDA with NBC because they were protecting Matt Lauer. Matt Lauer abused me or asked me whatever and let me tell your story by. By the way, trust me as you know well. The media would have been all over that if it had happened, but it hasn't happened because it didn't exist, because Ronan, farrow lied, and that's the way he lies in the book. He lies by portraying something that appears to be true using the credibility. He's been given as this media. Superstar and most readers aren't going to be. That aren't going to give that much scrutiny. They're not going to be that cynical because they think this is credible when he's actually a total fraud. Okay listen, this is what. Put as an editor's note after Matt Lauer submitted this piece. Responser Ronan Farrow's book catching kill mediate editors independently fact, check the accounts of the four witnesses, and the subjects lower spoke with and sites in this piece all confirmed in early. February that lowers account of the conversation was accurate, so lower has a case. A lawsuit against the publisher of his book. Is, he going to file I. Mean Look at John You know publishers at least with conservatives publishers. US go through all kinds of circus hoops to be able to put any fact in any book. They check him six ways to Sunday. Challenge US every step of the way. Where was the fact checking? How could this book have been possibly written when they didn't fact check and didn't call the sources to make sure that those people were were were truly on record. How did this happen? Well, what happens because Ronan Farrow is perceived as untouchable and already vetted, and that's the most dangerous thing that can happen in the neighbor. Any News Story I've. I've seen this dozens of times where everyone thinks someone else doing the vetting and no venting gets done, but as far as a lawsuit is concerned as you know because Matt Lauer is obviously a very public figure. The the legal burden here is incredibly high. Mad has considered this. Mattis kept his options open. He would in theory love to do it, but in practice. And he and I talked about how this would go down. It's a very expensive and arduous process that that could end up going all sorts of different directions. He is not. In any way shape or form ruled that out. I'll tell you what else though I'll tell you. WHO IS GONNA Sue Ronan Farrow over this book is Dylan Howard the former editor of the national enquirer. He's going to sue Ronan Farrow and he has made it very clear that everything that Pharaoh about him in the book, some of which even relates to lower is totally false. So Ronan Farrow is trying to be sued over this book. I don't know whether or not Matt. Matt? Lauer will be doing the suing but I can tell you I mean the thing. The thing that's your listeners need to understand is Matt Lauer did not rape. This woman Ronan Farrow didn't do his job. Ronan Farrow is not to be trusted and the media needs to whole Ronan Farrow accountable. They won't though because he's essentially too big to fail. This narrative has been set, and it is the worst example of how broken the news media is that I can possibly imagine. Well I can't. I mean. I said to you. Did you watch the apple? Show the morning show when you called me seven months ago and I said I think that's closer to what happened. Although at the end of the first season, it looks like he is kind of a bad guy. and kind of a rapist. But. It's. You know before I hit that episode. I thought. This is probably the Matt Lauer Story. To where he is, he's just kind of going along and clueless and people are changing the point of view, and they're not looking, and they're not saying to him and I it's it's it's destroying. Absolutely destroying good people and look the guy had an affair. He admitted it It was consensual. And, maybe that's against your corporate policy, but it happens all the time. I mean. Read history and it's GonNa continue to happen, but we've gotTA stop destroying people. Because it happens, and allowing this to go on, and I think Ronan Farrow is going to be remembered. Watched botched the reaction, and this one is going to be remembered as. McCarthy from the McCarthy hearings that McCarthy had some things right. But. He had a lot wrong and he was the worst messenger and a lot of people that were communist got away with it because he's so discredited the hunt for. Real Communists in our in our country that it became a joke, and and help the communist out after that because it had gone so far and so many lives have been destroyed by this guy and the committee for un-american activities. I think we're in the same thing. This is the new red hunt. It's the new. Blacklist they're not covering this with Matt. Lauer because he's on a black list. You're not to help him. You're not to say anything. He's dead to everybody. And that's the Hollywood blacklist and I think Ronan Farrow is going to be remembered in the end as McCarthy a guy who. By Hooker by Crook did things that destroyed people. He got rich off it. He got famous. He had power and in the end. What did he do? He probably will end up destroying any good. That has been done by the me too movement because nobody's GonNa. Believe anything anymore. Well I hope you're right. Glenn. I have more faith sometimes than I do. About how it's all going to turn out, because I think everybody who's in charge here is invested in a narrative, and that's why I mentioned. He's too big to fail. They can't. They can't go against Ronan. Farrow I mean the new. York Times had the goods on him and they only. A glancing blow because they're afraid they're afraid of. I, can I. Always say is, but it's so important for people understand the media culture. The elite media is a club. It's a club. This is basically high school. No one wants to be out of the popular kids club right. You want you WANNA be the popular kids lunch table. You don't want me. I mean I I was the kid that never cared about that? As this is a shock, you I'm sure. But, but for people that are in the media, this is what's important to them. Their prestige there are they're part of a club keeping their gig keeping keeping their alleged credibility, and the only the easiest way to delusion. That is the go up against the Ronan Farrow because you because you go outside this heard you get run over, and it's funny. You mentioned about Steve Corrales character in in TV, show being a bit naive. I think Matt Lauer was a bit naive. He's incredibly smart guy, but I think that. Almost, almost like an animal has been in a zoo for too long. You lose your survival instincts. And he did not people coming for him. All right John Thank you so much appreciate it. You can follow him at John Ziegler. Or Ziglar at Zygmunt Freud on twitter also finds article, mediate or glimpse dot com all.

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