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Shooting throughout the community suspect shot into homes at cars in one car hitting a woman and a child he also shot into a local elementary school where another child was said and this is where officers caught up with the suspect engaged two officers they returned fire the suspect was killed at the scene a total of seven crime scene none of the children shot are among the dead i'm jim rupe and other university suspends all fraternity and sorority chapter activities after the death of a frap pledge texas state university officials say matt ellis was found unresponsive after attending a party that fi cap us i fraternity members hosted sunday night police in san marcos about fifty miles south of ogdc they suspect alcohol played a role in our top see scheduled universities president says chapters won't be reinstated until a review is done at the entire fraternity and sororities system on campus earlier this month floor a state university's president announced a ban on all fraternities and sororities after the death of a student at a house party ran jury investigating an alleged cover up in the shooting death of low kwan macdonald has been dismissed after the special prosecutor assigned to the probe announced today that there will be no additional a dog deichmann dr nick gale has more that means there are three officers charged in the alleged coverup to protect officer jason van dyke including bedbugs partner the lead detective and another officer that was on the scene the grand jury which was convened in november of 2016 filed charges of conspiracy obstruction of justice and misconduct in june against detective david march and patrol officers joseph walsh and thomas gap meet the afghan veneers the october 2014 incident in which seventeen year old mcdonald was shot sixteen times by van dyke mcdonald had been in possession of a knife at add slash some vehicles official high on pcp at the time van dyke his by not guilty and is awaiting trial nick gale wlsam 890 news new details on the 2012 death of the owner of a.

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