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Played bad, but it wasn't because of What was going on the other side of the ball. It was it was all on us. We just did. Had too many mistakes early on in the game, and then throughout the game, really thatjust end of adding up. No loss in the NFL is easy to take. But Broncos cornerback E. J Boy says this one stings is very frustrating. You know, biggest thing that we could do is just stick together. I thought that you after the game, I'll let him know. I played against a lot of great quarterbacks had their games. It's not about that is how you respond. I just, you know, reassuring that guys are always no matter what. We just want to find the Broncos or two and four. They'll host the Chargers this Sunday. Head coach Vic Fangio will talk with reporters later on today. We'll see if he has any details on running back Philip Lindsay, who left the game after taking a big hit, he went into concussion protocol. College football. The New AP Top 25 Poll is out one through five in order. Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State Notre Dame in Georgia. Game five of the World Series goes to the Dodgers by final of four to over the Rays. Dodgers now lead the series three games to two. We'll see if the Dodgers can wrap up the World Series title tomorrow in Game number six. That'll feature Tony Counsel in going against Blake Snell, Mike Rice for Brain and Crystal with sports on K Away News Radio, The home of the Broncos buffs and rock The only news radio times 6 48 right now, on Colorado's Morning news slick spots this morning as you make your drive and commute the system expected to move out today that moved in last night, but it is leaving behind the chilly temperatures. Tonight's low, maybe in the single digits, even zero. National Weather Service, forecasting the warmer temps tomorrow we'll be back in the low forties, Colorado has a new tool to potentially prevent transmission of covert 19. The Department of Health Works with Google and Apple to launch the exposure notification system for smartphones that launched yesterday. If you were near someone for at least 10 minutes with both phones, exchange secure, anonymous Bluetooth information. And if another user test positive for Cove, it Then their tokens will be uploaded and send in dedication to you that you might have received exposure to Corona virus. Anybody who gets an alert will also get information about how to quarantine and test for covert 19. A number of Fox News personalities and network. The network's president are being advised to quarantine after exposure to a person with Corona virus. Right Bear, Martha MacCallum and the hosts of the five Juan Williams and Dana Pary No have been advised to isolate along with President J. Wallace. The exposure occurred on a charter flight. During the final presidential debate last Thursday, NBC News Radio's Dean Nuccio Delta Airlines is grounding hundreds of people for refusing to wear masks during their flights, and a new study suggested if 95% of Americans warm ask at least 100,000 lives could be saved through February. NBC's Kathy Park, Delta and many other air carriers started requiring passengers to wear masks back in May. Coming up here on Colorado's Morning news. We're gonna get an update from seed out on.

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