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Nate, Ghandi, Gandhi Danielle discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show


Here. No is it not not what it is so but his logic was look in order to manage effectively. Sometimes I have to say and do things aren't going to be popular but I'm not here to win a popularity contest and they need to be able to release steam and talk about me back so I guess that's what you were doing if someone in this room and I'm not saying me anyway. Nate for instance says something. Like it's okay. If you guys to give each other the look. Yes usually nate but kicking each other under the table thing. I don't get because Ghandi's legs are only like a foot and a half long right so if you start kicking you have to leave your head would disappear. It's like it's not easy. Looks Weird Movement from one of us like a slide under the table and that could be what's happening. What Street now paranoid. I'm like now all I'm GonNa do is start. Gandhi Danielle the entire show. I can't focus anymore. Oh something people don't understand and I learned this by doing the show in another place. When I do it in Santa Fe froggies situation in Jacksonville. He has his headphones on. So if you guys whisper to each other in front of your microphone. He can hear it in his headphones stubborn weekend. Here forget that W I love that frog you. Can you hear stuff that you don't you don't tell us about? I do think there's times I hear things I'm not supposed to hear right and so I make sure to not react because there's a camera on me so I just don't react I don't hear it. I'm doing something else and I'm just eavesdropping and listening. Yes that does happen times where something is happening. I go text funny. Did you hear that to be heard that? There's another thing that happens. Nate and I both have headphone feeds that feed the other rooms. So sometimes somebody from another room might whisper something in our headphones that we're not releasing all you. Yeah how about.

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