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Be honest right. Everyone who does in care natural skin-care uses Shea Shea butter in shape what is amazing. I love shave butter but everybody does not like shea butter. Some people don't like the heaviness or the greediness of shea butter so I was like okay. How can I do something different and that's when I research mango butter and mango butter has all the same properties that shea butter as far as the fat content with the fatty acids of the vitamins <hes> the moisturizing absorbed ability of it but it's not as heavy and is not as greasy so you can wear it in the summertime and that was the biggest thing people like oh I love buddy-buddies? I can't stand wear them in the summertime and I'm doing summer. Events and people are like I don't want to try and like just try just put it on and they will put it on there like Oh my God this is not greasy yeah and you could wear right now. Girl yes as a body butter. Come to this and can we talk about this since yes well. Can you eat them because I feel like when you smell it you wanna eat WANNA at least taste it. That's the thing that's why I called him. Body treats because new tree for your body so okay get. It's our go back a little bit so by treats really started because I was trying to be sexy for my husband and I wanted to smell like chocolate cake because he loves chocolate cake and I'm like okay. Let me try to find something and I couldn't find anything like I went to like all these places bath and body works lush all those places the body shop walgreens. Nobody had anything that was natural. Every if I did find something small like chocolate it had all these chemicals in at this point. I'm living a holistic lifestyle so I'm like all right. I'm not gonNA find this elicits. Make it I go to the African store and like Hey. You guys have anything that's smaller chocolate yeah. We got some cocoa butter okay. I already knew how to make body butters because I was making for my son so I just experimented with what I had at home and I put it on. My husband was like honey. This most sounds great right. You smell so good and I'm like yes. That's what I was trying to find. It works like I said and then I started giving away in everyone was like okay. This is really great but that was the first but it was chocolate cake. I like okay. I'm going to try something else and I just started experimenting because I love his central already had a whole bunch of them in the house and I just started experimenting in next thing you know we have vanilla almond in sweet mit. ihnen pink lemonade ends in Orange Clinical and is this <unk> grown winning growing and growing just I would literally wake up and have an idea and go try it and it would work..

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