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Yeah and i'm telling me all the time when you get you know twenty shows in in you build an audience come back let's talk about you know advertising or or maybe year in you know and people want to hear that but yet you're look at youtube you know february twenty first everyone that was making five six bucks a month off their youtube videos they're no longer well you know some of them are you know doing celebrity shows i mean some of the ones that i'm working with are have celebrities in there in those those celebrities have expectations you know i said i remember telling one person this past week that if you want to earn revenue for your client with this show and he celebrity then you're going to have to do a prepay deal and they go what prepay i go yeah you're going to have to affront money to them if they expect to be paid in the first few episodes right you're going to have to do a contract with them to give them money up front of course that's that's the only other way it can be done because it's not going to happen the other way there was a conversation going on in one of the facebook pages talking about how much to pay talent voice talent and they were doing a podcast for brand and in you know in pibor talk well you need to pay him a hundred bucks i'm like i'm not even i'm not even a deleting your email when it says one hundred bucks and you know you know i think if if i fall if you're doing a brand if you're doing a podcast for brand there it's those those are painful because you're dealing with suits dealing with people that are going to be super critical on content there in the listen to every word it and had to be scripted i mean this is doing a brand podcast is to do it right is logistically very painful and i said if they don't have at least a budget of a thousand dollars an episode it's not even wh.

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