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I always wished that that message that in any relationship whether it was here You know girlfriend or boyfriend or In relationship to groups in the media you can always find individual growth while you know surrounded by other people. yeah. I very very much connected with suzy. The other characters. I played for all relentlessly ourselves. Well this is a dynamite series. I've enjoyed watching it and you know as a man watching it you kind of you. Actually the fact that is mostly women in like in the first episodes surprisingly after after thirty seconds or so. You really don't pay attention today. You just kinda go with its clinton you know you have like a few minutes of that. You know wow. This is a very apparent rover. So i wonder where they're going to take this and it very quickly falls away and you know when they introduced Boys on su Let's see the series Everyone's kinda go. Oh yeah i forgot men kind of doing just fine about them and then you know so much of our Our crew was was female. Too that When we finally did have a bunch of men on site which was in in honesty was month into shooting Kind of forgot what that energy was like to have it around so Yeah it was interesting to see that reflected. I realized too. Well it's funny. 'cause last week i just spoke to manda tapping who directed one of your episodes and and it was the episode where the boys are are very prominent. But she's a terrific. Yeah oh my god. She's incredible She was such a a favorite. I think of of everyone just for just being so on the ball and she's getting everything done we were getting. You know we. It was just unheard of we would get our full days and And then we start. Shooting seems From the day after you know we were supposed to start shooting them so like we were ahead of.

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