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Even if it's in a backup role east bring him in for a tryout. Yeah. His collusion case continues. But these owners you just got to wonder what are they scared of? Yeah. You know, just be grown men. And if you think you could win with this quarterback bring him in. But I definitely think he could be a backup in his quarterback. And maybe again a sent to start or he wants he went to. To the Super Bowl. He led the forty Niners to the Super Bowl. They want an NFC championship. A lot of these backup quarterbacks. Can't even come close to that. Yeah. Indeed. Well, you know, not to derail the seriousness of this conversation. But I think I was just handed to cocktail. I can't be sure to treat them on. Here they are. So I wanna come to. I wanna get into this conversation. Because the one thing people do agree about is. Everybody loves to eat. Yes. Right. Even even our vegan for ends. We've you know, I have fun with my with my play cousin. Jackie readers used to be. She eats very well. And then it's wonderful food. But let's talk about the ones that are unifying thing that we can all agree on this day. You've brought us an incredible spread. Yes. And and I wanna big you up because the other thing that you did that I thought was wonderful during the shutdown was to feed folks that were federal workers so big ups to you for doing that a little bit about what you've got here. And what can we cook? That's going to make us all feel better today. Well, you know, you cannot have a Super Bowl party without good food. Yeah. Right. Okay. Super Bowl is about the football game. It's about the flair. But it's also about the food and in these times that we really need to be United. So these are just a few of my favorite things. Okay. We have our catfish which are dealer shou. I and what you're gonna do. Okay. I take you dip it in our AAA dipping saw Pai. Okay. Are you go? All right, Mike God. And these are fun. These are family favorites. And they're really really easy easy to make. Okay. So we're going to start with those YoM look at the December as by. Yeah. It's it's all about the presentation. Good, and you cannot have a Super Bowl party without slider. So our sliders you can make them with Turkey beef or veggie burgers..

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