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And then i go in the debrief before he started on this earth. Deserts this one needs a little. Tlc now go do your magic. Sometimes you find areas. That i don't even even think about so you just kind of like when when you ask my body. It's as though you get directed to the areas that need worker or how to work on them in a very intuitive sense. Very much very much like not to dog myself out but algebra. No thank you but the body. I know exquisitely skill you've had to develop or when you say you were back in the day taking i massage and you just like new and equipped for that that you are good at this and you should be doing this like was that a natural skill being listen to the body or if you had to study that and develop it or use books and resources to do that i would say it's more me. It's me listening to life. It's me listening to god. It's me listening to nature. It's me picking up. So i lost my sense of smell in this couple years ago with a traumatic event and not a physical event. It's a psychosomatic thing. So lost my sense of smell. And i started asking god the world universe. Whatever for another okay. If i cannot smell. I have to be able to pick up on things in other ways and what came to me naturally was vibration. My house made it as a sunday. She pairs wine with food. And so there's always wine at our house and someone's i'm smelling it. I'm not smelling it with my olfactory. But i'm picking up the vibes like the other day. I was drinking. I don't know some red. And i can pick up all nuts while i said it smells like walnut skin and my housemate turned around and looked at me and she goes. You are able to pick up on intricacies that other people don't pick up and you don't even have a sense of smell and i said it's the vibrational way like we're not taught. We don't have a narrative in our world that teaches us to trust our body infect. Our body has been cast into the narrative of sin evil flash. And i was like are you. Joking is the most amazing thing we have. It's the most amazing thing we haven't. It's full of all kinds of information cells. Think about what we packed. People away behind cells right. So what's an ourselves. What can we open ourselves to access spiritually. What can we open ourselves to access physically mentally emotionally. All the different intelligence is and for me. It's a knowing. I can't explain it right like i have courses that teach people. They're not like a self help. But who are you actually. Who are you not this story of who they've told you you are but who actually are you. After twenty twenty everything kind of unraveled. And we get to create. What's our narrative ourselves. We don't have to listen to narratives of society media government. Whatever i'm here to ask you who are you right. Who are you bright like. Who are you and that's into my work. I do with people and so on the table off the table. it doesn't matter. I have mentorship programs that i offered to people in in that i teach them different intelligence their somatic intelligence. What can you learn and know from your body. Hey i want to interrupt today. Show you know if you're listening in. You're probably interested in things like recovery and one of the things that i do. In addition to getting these regular massages. Is i use infrared light every single morning or if i skip the morning every single evening walk in my office. Take on my clothes off. Flip on the front light. I've got two of my flip on the front light the backlight stand sandwiched in between these two lights. Usually while i'm working on my computer sipping my coffee if it's a morning session and this pulse to near red light. Technology is amazing to give your cells and extra healing boost to optimize the recovery process. It can help with circadian with mississippi. It can help with. Collagen lasted stretch marks and wrinkles and scars. It can help with hair. Growth can human target things like thyroid and testicles and different hormonal systems. These lights are absolutely stellar and the company juve makes a really powerful one. Meeting you don't have to use them for sixty minutes. I mean i'm just like ten twenty minutes max. I've got all the light. That i need for the entire day with go gone burn myself with uva navy. Be from the sunlight. I mean i go out in the sun every day too but this amps up way higher. The amount of infrared ladder can get especially in the summer..

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