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After year after year with the moderators for their debates being progressive journalists is because the big networks are almost entirely peopled by progressives I would like to see one more credit debate moderated by staunch conservatives who would put the questions from a conservative point of view from the taxpayer one of the right exactly from a budgetary point of you although it let's face the Republicans of abandon fiscal responsibility but yes save you all said you would provide free healthcare for anyone who snuck into the country the millions of people around America right now who are struggling to pay their healthcare bills you you realize they'll make it even harder for them to pay their healthcare bills how do you explain yourself which is a perfectly reasonable question and and and steeped in facts but you'll never hear so I'll just go back to fantasizing about it and the national hall of fame is just announced the twelve finalists for this year's induction included among them those smartphone included because holy yep all of the smartphone is in the toy hall of fame yep it's a toy gets nominated nominate one of the following all I see how many how many nominees other well will the debate twelve hole of nominees anyway the whole ritual nights. you will have to pay the monopoly game all officials said they've included the smartphone because it's a platform for mobile games and playful interaction. also we've got the the coloring book a coloring book care bears the Fisher price corn Popper that's a good all are you kidding the little thing you push around like American ground wouldn't let my kids play with it because I was too busy playing with a lot it's been great for like fifty years Jenga is included yes white jacket just the other night I still have never been beaten aging in my entire life I am unbeatable also you've got steady hand you know you got the card game magic the gathering masters of the universe action figures matchbox cars like they don would be in the front hall. this long like it's played matchbox cars every day the other nominees my little pony a nerf blaster wrists and the humble top renominated every toy anybody's ever heard of okay I you know I played risk is a kid with my very very intelligent a slightly older neighbor boy friend he wasn't my boyfriend he was a boy a friend of wells we experiment when I ran the don't ask don't tell and it could be I was gonna be funneled and bored by it so my son and I when I actually started kissing. not correct Sir so I went back to it as an adult with my son and I believe one of my daughters and found it somewhat more interesting but very very slow slow those will get those games that were designed for when there was no TV right well it in short no other entertainment nothing else to just have a different a different pace. I like the idea of taking over the world and dominating it god knows that some right up my alley but yeah it's just to avoid too slow what about Mister wood chipper that's not on there. well I was channels first wood chipper there you go that your news I Marshall Philip C. Armstrong get a show that conscience of the nation. this yesterday George Soros is as a name that the people in the right throughout as the the he's a scary guy behind the scenes it's running America super rich liberal he finances a lot of love to causes yes he has of praise for Donald Trump in one particular area and is really excited about I wrote an op ed piece about it that could be politically important how interesting that among other things the A. including bay toes road to the nomination and had this has figured it out on someone else's car. no no on the way on the Armstrong get a show..

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