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It's early in his college career. All I know is, he's on his old school, Chuck d and I'm glad that Chuck and Nike repaired, their relationship. But he's on that I like Nike. But wait a minute. He like, wait a minute. This, this is my logo. This is mar likeness. I don't want anybody else to be able to use it. I felt like they did use it. I'm getting my Britain now from new balance. I don't need them. I'm going to sue them. I'm not mad at him for trying to go after something that he feels like it was rightfully his do. I feel like he's the person that physically, drew it. No, I draw either. But that don't mean I can't own a logo. So I don't think he drew this, but shout to him pursuing Nike. You know, my first reaction to this story was sailing, but varies first reaction was. Does ESPN and Disney owned my name now like other? Name is on the show. It's ESPN property like do I have to buy my name from Disney? Never get kids to have to worry about that. Jalen on dissolve on on Saturday night. The unthinkable happened Andy Ruiz became the very first heavyweight champion of Mexican descent when he beat Anthony Joshua on Saturday night in Madison Square Garden, and the unthinkable happened, so this, but now you've all seen the fight, you know what happened. But I wanna talk to you about this the implications of that fight. Now, we will not see what we all wanted the Joshua wilder fight wilder today, said that after his next bite the following fight will be a rematch against fury who famously fought him to a draw in Los Angeles in early twenty twenty. What do you think about the chaos that is now the heavyweight division in boxing? It's actually great for the sport, is the wilder Anthony, Joshua. Both of those gentlemen have been so gracious to join our show. A couple of times, I feel like I lied to defend the honor of Mr. Ruiz here, there are so many people that look at him as a fighter, and yes, he may be shaped like butterbean what they want to body. Shame hill and make it seem like he's not capable of a moment that he was able to achieve this is an accomplished fighter. He's been that his tire career. He's only had one loss just because you didn't pay for the fight this, because most people are deeply following the heavyweight class. We wanted to three him like a tomato Ken, and then he came out any showed out on a big state. So I wanna give him props. Now, let's talk about what I think this really cost, Anthony Joshua, you remember when he was on the show. And I asked him about the amazing contract that can Nello got what dissolve the three hundred million dollars, and I love the way his face lit up. Losing this fight cost him at least a hundred million dollars. Let me say that again losing this fight, I believe cost him at least one hundred million dollars because this was his final fight with dissolve now, he's trying to get a new contract, his next fight eight wilder wilder fighting feary and all of a sudden, we're going to look up at twelve months and all three of those belts are going to be on one shoulder. One shoulder would waste of what Deontay wilder this has been an amazing undertaken in the heavyweight division..

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