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That guy you were dating, That's all I can hope for Way learned so much through flashback ended well after dodging a bullet five times this hurricane season, New Orleans has taken a direct hit from Zeta. Storm came ashore as a Category two storm at about seven o'clock last night. Not surprisingly, Zeta has not only left is not only left more than a million people with power without power, but at least two deaths so far now, one person confirmed. Killed in New Orleans electrocuted by a downed power line. Yeah. Second storm related death was confirmed in Biloxi, Mississippi. And of course, we don't know the full extent of the damage until the sun comes up. If there is good news and Zeta it's that's been downgraded to a tropical storm. But if there's not don't get too excited news and said the storm is still packing sustained winds of 70 MPH, and it's moving through Georgia right now in Alabama. They had flooding in mobile, and they had to close the causeway, A Dolphin island and mobile fire Rescue conducted a water rescue on the causeway at Dog River Bridge in Atlanta under a tropical storm warning for the second time ever. First warning was in 2017. When Hurricane Irma wrote, roared into Florida and it was a Category four storm and the storm down trees and power lines across Georgia in about 700,000 homes and businesses without power in Georgia. What master that puts it almost at two million people without power caused by this Hurricane Zeta. Thank goodness it didn't hover and park over Louisiana, unlike the storms that have been lately, I mean, you know the slow moving ones that just park over there that caused all the flooding and yeah, they still got a lot of rain. They got a lot of wind damage, but it could have been a lot worse a lot worse and just look, it's amazing that New Orleans dodged it. Five other times this hurricane season. That's just been on extraordinary hurricane season 27 Storm of the season, so apparently we just have one more to go before tying the record set back in 2005. Let's hope we don't tie that record because it's not something we need to dio I I'm thinking. Let's just let the record go. Just give up, Okay? Yes, it's it's not going to kill us to lose one record. We've had enough. Like I said, We'll get more on this. We'll get the latest coming up at 7 50. This morning. We'll check in with meteorologist race stages from the weather Channel. But up next my last chance this week to get a win in our flashback Tournament of champions brought to you by brown Chevrolet. Do miracles exist? Have.

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