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The Midwestern university clinic, your family's home for healthcare, A 23 and in Richards has the latest on Mariah Carey. I don't believe this suit by her sister. Yes, she said. Well, she had a memoir, The kid that came out recently called the Meaning of Mariah. And in the book, she talked about her older sister, Allison, who she claims drugged her with Valium. When she was 12 offered her cocaine burned her. And also tried to sell her to a pimp. You know, all the usual things that can happen, Of course, you know, I think that was a my three sons episode if I if I remember No, no, no, You're mixed up, but leave it to be believed it. Yeah, well, the sister Alison now is suing Maria for one and a quarter million dollars. For what she says are cruel and outrageous allegations, claiming that after that she was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. There has been no comment from Mariah Carey on the lawsuit. And let's talk about Morgan Wallen, who was in a bit of trouble this morning. Yeah, this is really just a horrible story. Morgan Wall in might be one of the biggest Players in country music right now, I know he's got the number one album on the Billboard charts for while that lasts because over the weekend. He was recorded on Ah neighbor's security video. Staggering outside of his house. It sure seems like The result of a wild night He comes home and is shouting back and forth with the people that he was with and at a point was shouting out the n word at one of the people. In this video. I mean, they were. They were shouting loudly enough that the trigger the home security video from the house across the street, so pretty loud engagement, so As a result of all a TMZ put the video on their site. On as a result of that, now, Morgan Wallens record label has suspended him indefinitely. Radio stations that were playing Morgan Wall in music now are not Same with satellite radio and country music, television and streaming services. They've all pulled his music from their playlists, saying that they do not want to in any way. Glorify somebody who Acts like that and uses that kind of language is result. Morgan Wallenda's issued a statement. Saying. I wish I could take that back. There are no excuses to use this type of language ever. And he says, I want to sincerely apologizing for using the word and adds, I promised to do better. All of this from the guy who was dropped from a scheduled Saturday night live appearance at the end of last year when he was caught on video again. In a crowded bar, partying it up with a bunch of people not wearing a mask, which was in violation of Saturday Night Live's Cupid 19 Protocol, so once that that video came out Saturday night live, dropped his appearance. You know, and he did the same. I'm sorry. I should have known better. I'll do better in the future kind of kind of deal and that they did book him any the he was back on the show. A month or so after that, but it's this. This is career busting trouble for this guy who was, I think it was one of the big winners on the voice on And you know all these the radio stations and country organizations. Our old reacting to this much the way they did when the R Kelly controversy popped up, and everybody started dropping his music as they should. You can appreciate the apologies, but he's got a bad track record. Super Bowl is Sunday. And as always, the commercials have started playing early. Haven't thing. Yeah, this is you know, I like this that the advertisers are, you know, quote, they're leaking their commercials. They're the ones that are posting the commercials. They're not being leaked. Released s so people can watch the commercials ahead of time, which is fun. And I like you, too, Because this way I can really concentrate on eating super unhealthy food. Sure, and not be distracted by the commercials while I'm trying to eat a three layer cheese dip on, But there have been some really good ones so far. My favorite one is that there's a wolf Farrell Commercial for GM electric cars where he's most of the commercial. I would I would play the audio for them, but they wouldn't make much sense because they're very visual. But in this one, will Ferrell. Is mad at the country of Norway. He hates the country of Norway in this commercial because they produce more electric vehicles in Norway than we do in the United States. And he is he is going to Norway to try to settle this once and for all. On the it Zaveri funny sequence of things that happened. You all of these are available on YouTube. You can see all of the commercials. There's a couple of new really funny Garrido commercials. With Wayne's world with Wayne and Garth and Cardi be joining them on their cable access show. There's a really funny Eminem's commercial. It's called the I'm Sorry Eminem commercial with people. Apologizing to each other for things that they do by offering them Eminem's, but they're really funny Scenarios is one of my favorites. And I think earlier you you have the Dolly Parton. Commercial, do you? I don't know if you want to play against and she did earlier, not here a little bit. She took her song 95 reworked it. For this company that makes websites and specifically are working with people who are doing side businesses during the pandemic, not people who work 9 to 5, but People who are working from home from 5 P.m. to nine PM out of their houses here it is working fast.

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