Senator Mark Kelly, President Trump, Arizona discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Repair it if we wound up with a hole in the wing or in the in the TPS the thermal protection system so Columbia's The one you know was the accident for me. That was just very, very personal. And that takes a lot of bravery to go back up. You know, just a zoo, part of the investigation into test things. So thank you for your service there. I want to quickly change subjects here to Corona virus. Now the president has proposed a $1.9 trillion relief package that would put about $1400 in the pockets of eligible Americans. Not gonna be voted on to probably march. Do you know exactly what's going to be in it, And it says something you would support. Well, we don't yet I'm part of a bipartisan cove in 19 working group that's going to try to figure out this emergency relief package with the White House who, Ron We're on a phone call on Sunday with the president's team economic You know, his economic adviser and his covert 19, the folks the person leading that And the end of the last packages, you know, included $82 billion for school 69 billion for vaccines, 25 billion for rental assistance. That was incredibly important. It was needed. One of the things I think we can all agree on and we did on this call is we need to get vaccines and the people's arms. We need to continue testing and contact tracing until we do a better job of that. We're gonna be living with this for a while. Self. I mean that that was a focus, but we also understand all of us understand that there's going to be some needed relief and we're gonna have to come to an agreement. Democrats and Republicans and the White House On. You know, what can we get through Congress? What can we get signed? And what can we get out there? Because small businesses are really struggling and hospitals and schools and we all realize we need to do more for doing it. But I think most people Senator Mark Kelly, we're gonna let you go because we're out of time here. I think most people are very concerned that if we're gonna do this That we're not gonna do it before March, though, So if you can prod things along, that'd be really great. It is 6 22 now and Katia are and thank you once again to Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona for joining us here on Arizona's Morning news. Let's get you an update Now on traffic years detour Dan in the Valley Chevy dealers, Traffic Center. Thank you, sir. A couple of racks Right Upfront. 75th Avenue south of the I 10 it Roosevelt a crash 75th Avenue and Grand Avenue as slash olive, I'm seeing some outbound delays there and north about ST Mary 3 47 just about Half mile getting out America north of Smith. Thank road we gotta crash there as well, causing a half mile of the way it looks like the freeways, though, are still in pretty good shape. This traffic report brought to you by Redmon Weight loss for a limited time. New patients get four free fat burner plus boosters and a free console available by video from home or in person gets started with Red Mountain Today schedule your free appointment of Redmond Weight loss back home D Turn and Katie are news. Weather today Partly cloudy with a high of 71 a low tonight of 48 a high Tomorrow of 63 with a 70% chance of rain. Your weather is brought to you by Howard Air. Time for sports, and here's Luke Lipinski at the Parker and Sun Sports desk. Quick turnaround for the Phoenix Suns, who lost their third in a row last night..

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