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Was chain and the gang attract called the logic of night. The first time I heard the logic of night is when they played at the satellite years ago. I was talking to instrumental news after the show. I said what's that song? I'm not familiar with it. Something about night anyone. Oh, the logic of night. I want that is one of the coolest titles ever. There are two versions of that song one from the best of crime rock. And that's the version you heard, but there's also another version on I believe the experimental music album. And why the man made two versions of it? I guess we'll just have to find out if we ever get him onto this show, wink, wink before chain and the gang kid Congo and the pink monkey birds attract called LSD C, no wonder if that's reference to the time that it kid Congo lived in Washington DC from the Dracula boots record. There's not one kid Congo record. You should be without before kid Congo and the pink monkey birds you hear Karna beer brewed, gene, Merrin, Jeanne marine. I hope I got that right. From these strangers from the far east records, speaking of all things on the guru, Google brain label, Kiko Moyal is also on guru guru brain. I'm wondering if maybe it is their label. Anyway, one of the members of Kikaku Moyal wrote me recently said, hey, we are coming to Los Angeles. I believe in March. So when I can confirm that I will post those dates in any information the idea that we could possibly get Kiko Gakuen Moyo in Los Angeles this year, I am beyond excited right now. One of my favorite songs ever. This is the damned attract called, noise, noise noise. My dad. Second. Matt. Wii? Phonetic Henry Rollins here. And that was soccer team from their amazing record, sadly CD only called volunteered civility and professionalism called lobster season. And before that the dam the single knee. Ed, Hollis produced version of noise, noise, noise, fanatic, we are going to spend the hard drive and come back with some songs that requires a bit of explanation. I think you're gonna dig it..

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