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Hey everyone this is david chalian the cnn political director and this is the daily dc thanks so much for listening today on the podcast the big fight begins in earnest but here's the thing about the big fight over brad kavanagh president trump's new supreme court nominee the outcome is likely known so why the fight that may be a question that many people have we have talked a lot on this podcast about president trump's plays for his base his political base the reason you have chuck schumer saying he's gonna fight this with everything he's got which is not enough votes at this stage of the game to actually stop the confirmation from taking place is a bass play democrats cannot let this opportunity to keep their engaged base voters alive enthusiastic donating list building organizing they are planning clearly as is true for any supreme court fight but certainly true for supreme court fight taking place just a few months before election day they are going to utilize it quite clearly for the purposes of keeping their base voters enthused now some may say we'll do they risk looking like complete obstructionists for a nominee that is being widely praised in conservative circles and doesn't appear to be completely outside the mainstream of what you might expect a republican president to nominate to the court and i think the answer to that question is no they don't really risk anything on that front if you are a persuadable voter you're probably not going to decide your vote on how chuck schumer organizes the democratic opposition to a supreme court nominee from the republican president that'll sort of sound just like washington noise to you and partisan rhetoric and you'll likely tune that out as a persuadable voter and focused more on some of the pocketbook issues you make most about not to say that a supreme court nominee doesn't impact so many issues that americans face it does not to say that this is not an enormous deal that president trump has the opportunity here with cavenaugh to move as we've discussed a five four core with a swing vote on as that v and kennedy to a five four reliably conservative majority court that that's an ideological shift that's a big deal and i have no doubt that we will see opinions handed down from that court that reflect that but that being said the politics of this i think are pretty clear and if you listen to chuck schumer out this morning talking about it he focused in like a laser on two issues the affordable care act and roe versus wade now on the obamacare issue he's making the case you know cavenaugh will be a vote that will take away your protection to have insurance even if you have a pre existing condition this is something that even red state senator joe manchin mentioned because of how many people in his state who appreciate having health insurance despite pre existing conditions we know that's one of the most popular parts of obamacare and democrats have used it as sort of a retort to the other more successful critiques of obamacare from the republicans time and time again so taking the affordable care act and roe v wade it's too for chuck schumer he takes two issues that the base cares deeply about defending obamacare and defending a woman's right to choose and have access to abortions and it is the the very same issue set that susan collins and lisa murkowski the to gettable republican votes for chuck schumer potentially gettable i should say 'cause i'm not really a of the mind that they are gettable but if any republican votes are gettable for chuck schumer to join his democ kratz in voting against cavenaugh it would be murkowski and collins and those are the very two issues voted against the repeal and replace and they obviously have expressed pro choice views especially when it comes to looking at supreme court nominees and the importance of that nominee to believe in judicial precedent as relates to roe v wade so not only does he get to target his messaging at those two senators and then in the hopes of bringing them over in some way that that will keep those red state democrats from going to join mitch mcconnell to support the nominee like hey even if collins and murkowski over here with us guys this is schumer you know my imagine conversation.

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