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Real Rob Babble in binge it on net flex so Rob Shane his work by I heard as a really really funny addition addition that he did that. everybody really great and he's a guy if you look at them he can play A. Lotta different roles playing a cop firemen teacher. You know you need a guy like that is like like like Phil. Hartmann is like is kind of a little puffy white dude. You could play any any role. You can just imagine you know yeah. This is in the similar way. How many years did you have with Phil. Hartmann four and Phil was like he'd never once muffed never line break breaker sometimes sometimes you you know a couple of times some conflicts with me like do you want me to that line. Just because Warren Beatty is going to be here this weekend and I said I didn't know Warren. Beatty is going to be his so you're now. You're trying to suck up. I remember like hey I swear to God. I just think it's funny and to to his credit he would deliver the line and never tried to dive ever and he delivered line to get a laugh and I saw him this his face. GonNa Shrink and he would walk straight me. After I got one of the I forget it was but it actually got an applause break and got a laugh and I had written a sketch because I was hired as a writer originally in the show he would walk straight towards me. I'm a fucking asshole. You're right every time but didn't even argues me again later but like to his credit and he was a guy that like he would. They'd figured his nickname but they're like you know he was Iraq. He literally would like you could depend on hand delivered every time and he would never make a mistake. I never saw an eighty whatever shows their solid performance summers so he's right up there with Leslie Jones. I've never seen not make a mistake on that. Show the other guy that always seemed that way with Dan Aykroyd acro that guy would fire his stuff off from the Veggie Matic's asthmatic guy twenty two years old and literally like the great thrill genius of Saturday night live is again him Jim Downey. He's like the guy who wrote Jane. You ignorant slut right and all the all the funny political stuff that you saw over the years and Obama you know the great sketch with Obama Tom and political with Obama and Hillary Clinton Hillary senator US Secretary of Senator Clinton so under the Palestinian fifteen eighty the u the the International Treaty of now the the the land being taken by voter Bingo of scanned by the Israelis. Whatever do you you think what does it and he said okay whatever complicated question they go to Senator Obama. Who's your favorite basketball team. Jim Downey Jim Janis you you know and fell fails one of those guys I miss from the Samson's but going back to Akron Dan ackroyd. They said when Jim mm said when Danika Dan ackroyd was sketchy smoke or issues were that's always just explosive and twenty two when I started and I've never heard him him like miss a syllable. It's a tough thing to do and he just hadn't hit. I Guess Phil Hartmann. Was that guy yeah for us. As as well Dana Carver also explosive I years how long ago this was a while back earlier this year. I tweeted my personal top ten. SNL Alumni everyone does here's my ten ten years. Blah Blah Phil Hartmann number four one of the all time greats and what's amazing was I got to the end of the ten how many amazing legendary Mary Rob Schneider esque performers didn't make everybody else comes packed with like amazing. It's it's tough to get on that show and if you get on it that's what I felt felt like. I've made I mean I did. It actually hurt like fighting to get a chance. I just remember like what a gigantic lift that was when I was a young man to like. Do you get on that. Just are you kidding. I'm I'm I'm you know it's like this is the grades it's your dream and for that to be like you know because some some people who've never had the the balls or the guts to like perform a potentially the bomb themselves could take away this opportunity and I just think you gotTa have some forgiveness you have to have some of the people make mistakes this this kind of zero thing and your outlook doc. That's IT strike. One year out is he. Does he do stand up. He does stand up as a performer. He's also very good sketch. I heard he was very very very funny in this thing and I hope he does okay. You know what I hope. I hope the Saturday night live re thinks this and I have nothing to do that. Show anymore and I don't want to think that you know that that I have any say over there but I would hope that they would reconsider this higher as a writer can ease his way back in the right thing to do. What if he does a soul man. Ask Take Bacon's. I love this. I love it. Hoses is a black writer to make his way on Asian easy as Zhijun Mickey Rooney esque. You're GonNa our we got something then he makes his way on as a writer then Dan he creates a character called ugly American which is just out of all the makeup and get to be very Tutsi. I thinking is Defense Antes from Philadelphia and it's automatically. You're born a little bit more racist than other people that is true. Let's be honest. You're a little more than the rest of the Philadel-. I remember like my Buddy Tony Larussa manager for the cardinals for many years as of course before that and won the world series the cardinals and he member who's telling me like I said thank. Thank you for beating the phillies. I just called. Thank you for being in the phillies. 'cause I was getting so much shit from all my friends from Philadelphia saying we're going to be the cardinals looking at the world series again and then they beat him and he said let me tell you about the fans in Philadelphia when the kids were going out there the bringing out the equipment little kids to bring out the equipment for batting practice they booed the kids right booed. Santa well boosting skews terrible Santa. There may have been booed Santa. There's a prison in the Baseman Baseman of the stadium. It's a jail went to federal prison jail in the basement and they booed Santa. That's all what else do you need to know about. Philly all right. Let me hit customink then we'll break and do some news people going on the cruise in October. We're going on a cruise super fans when it gets them. Custom shirts good go with customink ordering a simple website really easy to use so many options wins for products fast and free shipping adding. 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