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You're amazing you've got so many great ideas and interesting thoughts you should put some of those ideas and thoughts on a website so people all over the world can look at them and think your amazing so if you actually decide to do that because you're amazing then why not use squarespace they make it so easy to design a website even if you're not amazing kind no imagine so visit squarespace and if you like what you see type in the offer code buxton for ten percent off amazing i added one more podcast gye mud cost ben now you have plucked that what caused out and started listen i took my microphone and found some human folk then i recalled all the noises while they spoke my name is adam buxton up i want you to giant that's the bad hey how you doing podcasts adam buxton here where the check depressing rainy gray cold anyway welcome to put cost number seventy which features a conversation with british director and friend of the podcast goff jennings hey welcome back off and goff's texan friend director wiz anderson as you'll hear goffin was both spend much of that time living and working in paris so a few weeks ago with was his new film i love dogs about to be released i managed to wangle myself a eurostar ticket and i paid them both of visit we go to screening of the film men goff the night that i arrived in paris and then we went and met was the following afternoon at his offices a short cycle ride.

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