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You're going through something that is why better help is there to give you a lola center. Make sure you're doing good better helpful. Assess your knees and match you with your own. licensed professional. You can start communicating with them in under forty eight hours so this isn't a crisis line. It's not self help. It's not a chat line like we just made it sound like it's actual professional counseling done securely online. There's a broad range of expertise available which may not be locally available in your area and services even available for clients worldwide which is great and better help is committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches. So they make it easy and free to change counselors if needed. I actually just signed back up with better help you. It was my own fault. I just like. I just didn't keep up with it because of my own lack of my own problems. But i finally got back with them. I love it especially now that i am traveling between. My mom's house often is so nice. That i can talk to the same person no matter where i am. I don't have to wait in a waiting room none of that. It's just very nice to have someone to talk to and and have helped me. However they can so and that's why we drink sponsored by better help online therapy and our listeners. Get ten percent off their first month at better help dot com slash drink. That's better h. E. l. p. dot com slash. Drink get matched with a better help. Therapist.

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