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At the reunion so far. Kenya Moore is kind of slang. Que question with allows portion of the committees. That was very funny. Kenya claim. She only retaliates when people come for her. You think she's taken ownership of of your. I do feel but you have to be ready. If you're coming for Kenya you got to come like Tanya. It didn't work pertain to you. Think Wendy Williams sees Nina's an actual friend or a source of housewives Thi. This was a big topic of conversation on the reunion. You know windy got mad at meeting. And socially came out against her so I think they are friends. Doesn't take Wendy. Wouldn't have cared. Oh Interesting Yup What do you think about Kenya saying? Marcus has has done a one eighty. I mean she said three sixty one eighty I mean are are are those two gonNA. Do you think they can work it out a best tough one? I don't know mark. I'm sure saw himself on television and decided that his behavior was not appropriate. I mean obviously well. It's a family. I want all families to win but I don't ask one Dodson Nina Sanger spin off comments. Were not about candy that I can't believe that it can only be about. There's nobody else should talk about. Okay you think Porsche overreacted. To Eve's PJ is Dennis with a bow.

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