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I'm sure if you went down the line in the locker room, Sure everyone's frustrated, so I'm not many, many different situation than anyone else. You can't sit here on media day and be happy that we're having this conversation. And you know, we should still be playing like that should be everyone's mindset, right? It should be. We're moving on to the playoffs. And, you know, we had a good year, and we're gonna try and win the Stanley Cup. That should be the goal of every player in the beginning. You everything. You know when that was our goal, and we started whatever. In December we reach it now that we have a hard year. Yeah, we did. I think when that happens, it forces everyone. Consider what I guess You could do better what you think they would the future holds Jack Eichel today. Check it out. W gr 5 50 calm or the Odyssey app. Here is Bill next I bill. Hey, guys, How you doing? Okay, Bill. Good. Good. Hey, um, it's kind of like the packer situation and a lot of ways except hockey. I mean, I don't know how you can blame anything. But you know, the people are running this organization. Been mismanaged for years. They've not been doing a good job. Anybody in their right mind would be a little memorialized by now. I thought the kid was pretty candid and very truthful. Um, and that was refreshing. And, you know, They got to do something to help this kid. I feel the same way and there's no way you can blame the kid. It's the organization. And not him, So hopefully they said one spike being spending some money and You know, doing something to make this team better. It would be nice agree. I think there's morte to find out about what happened. March 7th or right after March 7th. And maybe the sabers will want to tell us something that sort of pushes back against Michael talked. Or maybe they know the city still there, player and usually teams don't do that. That probably happened earlier this year. So we'll see. I mean, I think there is, though some the team deserves some benefit of that of the doubt for this whole issue about his recovery from that neck injury. And I just kind of think like he was already Finished first with them just because he had already been hurt. And the years of losing. We refer to the guys who come on the instigators, and they just saw they just always sound the same. And Maura gradually more and more sort of Um, like they've got that They've got their footing on like he's going This is the whispers in the past just different ways. It's been phrased. And idea guys you're talking about right? Draeger Friedman those guys? Yes, thanks. And so there you have that injury on Long Island and After that, Well, we think he might come back. I don't know. I feel like there's there's got to be more to that. Anyway. What? What was the question? I forgot. Just think I asked. How? How? How? How? How, how we're doing. Uh and I said good, And I lied. I'm I'm I'm utterly them or I'm so demoralized right now. I just It's not that it's not like it's genuine. I pride myself. I think we both do on just being real here. Um, but the sort of demoralized I am is Like crack, open a strong bottle of booze and stare at nothing, not look, I'm having a hard time articulating my opinions about the situation because I am utterly and completely demoralized. As a saber as a saber fan. It's a saber observer as someone who talks on the radio. I am like I feel like there's nothing in there. I just feel despair. I just It's just such a horrible situation that they're in. And I don't know how you can have a lot of faith in the people in power to get it back on track. You have to choose to Yeah, right. You have to choose how you have to choose to have that faith. Well, we're going to get to what can they do about it? But right now we're still figure out how they got here. I think either way 803 Oh, 5 50 our number back after the update here on W gr Sabers. Coach Watch on W G. R is powered by Gen Tech Power Systems Your team for Generac home generator repairs, service and sales. Folks pull back here and I'm blowing..

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