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I know this is kind of kind of weird. I know i might be risking my job like making this awkward for you having to tell me no so if you don't want to use me in this way or you're not interested. Let's not even talk about it. You don't have to respond. You can just pretend. I never set you this but here is my shot. I think i understand roy. Can't i think i can be roy. Can't and then at like three in the morning. He got an email back like okay. This is really good we need to. We need to maybe talk about this. And the rest history. Like he'd be amr can so he bet on himself and pushed himself. Forward is really. Can't he loved that he's a comedian and he's a comedic performer. So this is not something that is out of his wheelhouse but it's something that he really pushed forward to do. So i really like seeing that. And i love seeing again i love the sensitivity that emerges with roy cat and i do know that that is that is the connection between he and keely on that level a really good example of that in this episode tan lines. Where ted is talking to michelle and they're talking about like the end of their relationship in it's raining out and ted so upset and all the songs playing the mumford and sons love love forever. Whatever it's called and all of that is happening. And ted is basically saying like i remember back to when we first met we were just those two people in that parking lot and then we smash cut to roy and keely in a parking lot and roy coming up to killian talking to him and it's the end of one relationship and it's the beginning of another all being played at the in against this backdrop of this very emotional song in these very emotional moments. It's just really good. Did i do something wrong. He snuck up on a woman in a parking lot in the middle of the night. I do something wrong. Royce really worried so it's good like it's just so so good this episode. The endevour specialty is so emotional. It definitely gets me every single time. Maybe it's that damn mumford. And his sons josh. Mumford is large adults on you have cancelled and we will talk about episode. Six is two aces. Two aces is where we going. We're just past the halfway mark. It is this is really the this is. This is a really big jamie tart episode especially before he kind of like goes away for awhile literally because he has been. He is returned to manchester city. Who had loaned jamie to. Afc richmond for the season is what i have to be reading on the wikipedia page right now in order to pretend like i understand what any of that means and yeah i mean it is. It's something that doesn't really happen in sports. It happens so just like our football. Because it's not like this isn't like a like a triple a situation. This is like minors two majors. Like what is this. So you're you're right to bring up minor league sports because i think that is the way that that's the lens through which you might be able to understand this a little better first of all. I guess we can just do this right here. Do you understand how relegation works you get promotion and relegation generally vaguely so they did so poorly in the season that they have been busted down to like a shittier league yes actively and so they can they can Bootstrap themselves back to being where they were. Yes and so. That is what ted is. pitching by. The end of the season is like all right. We've been relegated but we will clean up next season..

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