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Pedestrians and bicyclists. That right on red thing is really important because a lot of bike riders will always be on that right side. Ridiculo, WTO news. Under a bill passed by Montgomery's county van Gogh counters council, I should say, some residents and local businesses could get financial incentives to install security cameras that could be accessed by police. Montgomery county council member Craig rice explained what's behind the bill to offset the costs of installing private security cameras for residents and businesses in high priority neighborhoods. These are people who are looking for solutions. This is not about extending the arm of police. This is not about infringing on people's rights. But council member will join had some concerns. When you have increased surveillance and it's particularly in communities of color, you have the opportunity for potential disparities in how that information is used. So an amendment to create a diverse group that would work with police on how the program would be administered was adopted and the bill passed Kate Ryan. It's two 24. It Alexandria duke street near the ramp to get on to telegraph road is one of the busier spots for Virginia commuters. The city's got long-term plans to improve traffic, but some neighbors are worried what that will mean for them. Here's WTO's neo Logan's dean. This is the intersection of duke street in west Taylor run Parkway. It's right near the entry in exit rams of telegraph road, which is just a short hop to the beltway. Neighbors around here have dealt with cut through traffic for years and there are speed bumps on the smaller streets. Summer concerned that the city's long-term plans include a new traffic light on duke street, neighbors want to make sure that doesn't mean a whole new influx of cutthroat traffic. I'm duke street deal or I can stay in Dublin. Money news at 25 and 55 on WTO two 25 with Greg Jarrett. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Those fried chicken sandwiches that America loves won't be getting any cheaper anytime soon as flour, poultry and oil prices jumped, contributing to very high inflation.

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