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At the wcbs studios and It's interesting because this is the very first episode that is promoted by jim. Crockett promotions so as a reminder wrestling has been on. Tbs for a long time but april six thousand nine hundred five. This is the first time. It's jim crockett show. How big of a deal that god. It was huge because the reality is when we did our syndicated show. Yeah it went to a lot of places and syndication is always good but anybody that had been in the business over a minute. Talk new that six. Oh five own saturday to eight. Oh five was prime time real estate. Yep if you're going out okay. You haven't left yet if you're staying home you're at home. It's just a nice chunk of time that people you know if you stayed in watchtower six to eight. You didn't miss. Anything was still early enough to go out so it was a perfect spot now so by now you know that aren't is just plain dealer and dude as we like to say here in the southeast straight up there's another cliche we believe in the old school way of doing business. A man's word is bond. You can do handshake deal nonni contracts. You'll need to negotiate. You know when our and says something. It's the real deal. He's shooting strength. And.

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