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The tesla model free advertising itself as starting at thirty five thousand dollars which is about the same as a bmw model three actually slightly higher but once you get the bundled version with all the goodies which is what they're selling the nets selling the cheapest version they're selling something in the middle so you're talking about forty five fifty thousand dollars which is kind of same situation is bmw you drive out with a bmw three series for the low thirties but by the time you with quip it with lots of goodies and electric and leather seats and all the other stuff suddenly it's forty it's fifty in the way it is at this point this is not an affordable car except for this subsidy that comes into play from the us government but that's gonna go away when they sell what total of two hundred thousand cars is not the limit that is correct and tesla is running up on that really fast nissan has already passed that because they've sold a bunch of leaves and some plug in hybrid car so they've already at that two hundred thousand units sold in the us mark and there are some state subsidies and other countries have their own subsidies credits that they offer and that will make a difference best part of the reason why tesla's gone out and produce the thirty five thousand dollar car is because it'll still be more formidable them by model model x where they started at seventy eighty thousand dollars the tax stuff does have an impact it changed my plan for what i was going to buy the car so i bought it right at the end of the year so i could claim that tax credit right ben's that a waiting until january and then having to wait until two thousand eighteen file my taxes to claim that tax credit it does make a difference we've seen that in some other countries like singapore they got rid of their tax credit and tesla sales plummeted but their tax cut it was also very very generous compared to the us one which is generous but not enough that you can go i can afford this garner if you can't afford the car when it's seventy five hundred dollars cheaper.

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