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I wrote get i will get a he hell land right six one seven two five four ten thirty and lou welcome aboard hi morgan how're you i'm fine lou how are you i'm doing well thank you how about lester maddox let me write his name down very right of the political spectrum georgia lester maddox has been written down you qualified good evening good evening to you i usually don't do this ernest i you don't let people call back in and make another attempt at it but i'll let you slide since you're one of the regulars i'm here michelle lee michelle leaves a good one we write that down from knots landing okay so thank you you're welcome i usually don't do that but he's a regular now i'm more she yes lee marvin has been said i let's see mark lane he was the investigator for kennedy's assassination mark lane yes i trust you you wouldn't lie to me he was one of the investigators he was at an attorney for kennedy's assassination all right i've written it down google it if you don't believe me i trust you players don't lie jerry you go and let's go to journalist jonathan kingston china's this morning hello jonathan how are you lee majors that's a good one oh no the six million dollar man major a qualified thanks very much take care i'm gonna do one more before i take my break mary in walpole coming staff how mellon save again mellower than merrill lynch i think has been said hold on let me check here i'm almost sure we did get a merrill lynch so you've gotta give me mike lynch on channel five hold on mike lynch hugh a qualified thank you thank you for the call vehicles mary nichols mary to open line if you wanna take one of them have at it i'm going to give the phone number and we'll see how many more calls we get to the top of the hour.

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