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They would not only do they not do anything about it. Maxine Waters, congresswoman from the Democrat from California, is in the streets of Minneapolis, saying, saying Make your beam or confrontational. Those work, she said. What is this woman doing in Congress? And why is she still there? Why is Ilan Omar still in Congress? Did she marry your brother? I mean, tell me and Lisa and I listen, I don't know that she did. I heard you did. Can we investigate it, didn't she? Didn't she have some some inappropriate behavior with with her campaign funds? Can we find out about Ellen Omar? She's an anti Semite. I know that preceded the leaves An anti Semite. I know that. What are they doing in Congress? How do they know where they're there? Where are the Republicans on this? You? That's his way. I don't wanna have anything to do with either party. The Republicans should be incensed. They should be all over Maxine Waters. Did you go out? They should have it all out. Ah, front of get this. This won't do for that woman to tell representative Jim Jordan. You know Jim Jordan was going after Anthony Fauci, but we're frustrated. Kim Jordan was speaking for the people. When he was going. Wait, Wait. What now? What are we doing? We're going out and we're not going out going. And Maxine Waters says to her colleague. Shut your mouth. What kind of animal is this girl? I'm actually more. Shut your mouth. Like that. I mean, what kind of that? That's what's down in in Congress now, and that's what we're allowing down the vaccine. Waters to be not only said you should be kicked out of the house of Representatives. She's gonna now what if what if, remember, Josh? Holy congressman, Remember Senator Just Holy He's up there, and he's outside and he's like you. He waved. I think he waved says some of the people of the Make America. Great Rally. January Safety Wave. Oh, my gosh! He caused the riots. Remember that? Remember that? What about now? Let's go to Maxine Waters, saying be more confrontational when there's drive by shootings against the National Guard, when cities businesses are being burned down. What is it, and I don't know. I don't care what the cause is. There's no cause the rush the capital, and if you're going to track those people, then you better track those terrorists that around the streets of America because they are terrorists, and they are anarchists, and they're trying to take down the country. And if you're going to do it to the folks in the capital, then you better go after these people, But when you have a house of representatives Get congresswoman in the street. And she's saying she's saying be more confrontational. Can you imagine if there was a Republican at the cattle saying No. Go forward, You're going to be more confrontational. Oh, my gosh. Remember all the impeachment of Donald Trump. And they blamed him for everything. Why don't they go after Maxine Waters? Where is the press? Come on. Where's the press? I don't. I'm done with this. Every morning. We come on the air. I try to stay calm. I try to be, you know, try to have be measured. They're attacking the police. They're burning down Cities. America is in such disarray. And Joe Biden is puttering around the golf course they used to blame Donald Trump for being on the golf course We'll binds there, and I can't put two sentences together. Other without reading a teleprompter. This is the president. Give me a break. It's not just be fair. That's always just a little bit of fairness in the United States of America. Joe Piscopo on the radio. Now we're fired up. See what happens. Just say, Oh, come on the air of a nice I'm in a good mood that I lead the news and I get fired up there. You know, it doesn't take a ball in there. Well, okay. I mean all this and go. What's going on? So Joe impaired cheese is going to join us this hour, and he's gonna tell us why we have to. Why we need the police. What? We should be fun The police and please respect the police. Goodness gracious. John Solomon is one of the true journalists in America. That's that's like an anomaly. Nowadays. Mark Morgan will join us about the border. That's another thing. Those poor kids a supporter, Debbie and breaks my heart. I know we stick up for ice. We stick up our border patrol and border control. But goodness.

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