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The Boston Celtics anything's grass this daddy age. We're talking about here. I mean, this is the guy that just pulled off the heist against Brock allege low when he sat up there and convince Colangelo that he would one more kill folks when he knew there was no way in hell. He would want. Markelle Colangelo wanted Marquel, folks. So what did he do? Sixers got the number three overall pick your GM your president of basketball operations. Bryan Colangelo decides to trade to spots up switch picks flop picks for three to one given Boston third overall pick. So he could get Mark helpful. But then he age also got a first round pick from Bronco Lonzo out of that. And more careful at this moment in time may end up going down as the biggest number one overall bust in history. I mean, I'm talking about a disaster of epic proportions epic. I mean worse. They call me Braun. Or Michael Ola were candy. Anthony bennett. Talking some of the most disastrous number one overall picks in NBA history. Marquel? Foltz might end up a clips ING them all not Not a brother. a brother can play the brother can play more careful. Those grope. I don't know. What the hell happened to his jump shot? I mean, there's like a hitch. It's worse than Charles Barkley golfing. The hitches that they're bad. But having settled that. What makes it considerably worse? Is the fact that the brothers got psychological issues. Whatever's going on inside of his head has so drastically affected his game. He's impotent offense. He has nothing to offer. It is an unmitigated disaster. That is more careful situation. And it said because him being ready to ball is exactly what the Sixers would need to truly truly challenge in the Eastern Conference. Joel Embiid is a superstar in the making. Ben Simmons is a jump shot away from being abroad, James part to J. J Riddick can ball. Can flat out ball? But away I want to be on the record saying this out. They JJ riddick's underpaid. I think JJ Rettig is underpaid. I'm gonna tell you that right now. Alligators riddick. I watch him shoot the basketball Asti how much the Sixers desperately need that shooting. And the fact that he's the one reliable person that can give it to them. And I'll say to myself, Dan, he was getting paid twenty three million last year. He says the deal for twelve point two two five zero million for this season. Then obviously comes off the books. I read it's worth more than that. And today's NBA economy JJ Riddick and his ability to shoot the basketball, particularly coming off screens and picks. What have you? I think JJ Rettig is worth a minimum of seventeen eighteen million per year. Minimum. He's that good of a shoot. He's that. Good. And he's the consummate professional you can rely on them. That those are the things that you've got to look at. I mean, we know what TJ McConnell could do. I'm proud of that little brother the energizer bunny, by the way, he's at one point six million grossly underpaid. Who small do MBA little energizer bunny beats you would effort, etc, etc. Smart knows how to play the game trusted by coach Brett Brown shows up in the postseason TJ Bikaner should be paid more than that too. So Sixers got two guys that are underpaid. But more of he was giving you anything the Sixers will be more formidable. That's not the case. So it's about Boston. That's about Milwaukee about Toronto..

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