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You don't remember. How can I forget? That was an insult. I actually thought that was a generous gesture. No, that's a slap in the face from a drug addict. You've got to have dialogue. From a drug dialogue. It's the only way we're going to solve problems well from a drug dealer to a drug addict to he's got to another drug dealer. He's got two drug dealers right now. He hasn't been in the House of Since May, the job was taking him somewhere else. So I was to supervisor at my company, so I know how the system works. They want to get him out. And they want him to quit on his own. And that is the way it is. They usually put you in jobs You don't like. So he's been working somewhere out of count. He might have had a case of Covid in May. Our heart attack. He came back skinnier with no beer gut on him, you know, And but But anyway, I just want to tell you that was a slap in the face. This man is KKK. This man came from Mississippi or Missouri. This man will do anything. This man has even made attempt on my life. You know, as they came from Mississippi or Missouri. Do you say that? Because you know the first four letters or M, I s s or how do you? How do you know that? Those two those two states are the hotbeds of racism? From all my reading from all my reading. I do a lot of breeding. I study a lot, Michael. I'm not. I'm not the run of the Mill Latina. I'm not a Mexican from Mexico. You know, I appreciate that. Ramon is ringing his little bells for me, you know? But because I'm not. I'm not a dummy. I'm very well rounded, educated female. When you When I get going, they don't want to talk to me when they find out the way, I think and What I know and whatever you know they don't want to talk to me. I study a lot. I know what's going on. I know that my country's in trouble, and I'm not trying to be angry with you, Michael. It's just that Offer me an olive branch from an idiot. It lives next door to me that doesn't like Latinos or blacks. I swear I thought you were talking about Ramon. And he needs Latinos and blacks so I can't take him to court. Because it's gonna look bad for me. All the police reports that I've been so what? Last August, August 8th of last year, I decided to call Ted Cruz and get Ted Cruz and on the fight. Ted Cruz is in the fight. What did he do? Want to tell. What did he do? Well, I got a phone call from them. Telling me what I needed to do. And what did they but I can't. I can't tell you what it is because the case is still going on. The case is still open. Dell, Have you ever had a fight before in your life before this guy, though? I've had a fight with a female at at the company where I work. This female wouldn't leave me alone. I way away Barely. £100. I was She wasn't stealing your stuff, Was she? No, No, she was a jealous creep. She was another Latina and I kept warning her. You see Michael Osa? I grew up with single miners. Ankle. My brothers I had to learn to fight. So when I went out and did my work on her, I'm not the you know what out of her? I left her with no clothes on. Oh, five grown big men to get me off of her. And put me in a car because the cops were on their way. Oh, my goodness. Well, I'm just telling you, Michael, you know I why did you take all her clothes off, though? I whip them off so much anger in me. Had just come back from pregnancy Leave. I had had a C section. It was my first stay back and pregnancy leaves and I went and I knocked. You know what out of her and after she couldn't come back to work because she was so humiliated. Because she was a little girl friend of the of the what you call it, the union president. You know, and the union president thought he could take me on the union president died like two years later. You know, but they they weren't involved in that right? No, no, no. I became A union member. Afterwards, the president died and a new president took it over. A guy named Jesse took it over. I worked for one kind of union, was it For one of the phone companies. Okay, but they say Michael I became a technician. They brought me They brought me that education because they saw how intuitive how into it. That I was, you know, in repairing the the Mickey Mouse that all the design line telephones, so they you ever listened in. Did you ever listen in on a using the trunk called on people's phone calls? No. That was when I was an operator in the very beginning, and then I shuffled into a different department. And then shuffled on people. No. Note. If they can't and they caught you if they caught you listening in, they would automatically fire you and and prosecute you. Mhm. But we did handle the neighbors listening in on you. Yes, he has a black box. With colours. Are they all have a colour? Quote? The illegals have a gold court. This one. Anthony has a blue court. The son of the cops. Clay has a black cord color code means a lot in technology in computers. Color code means a lot to tell me about it. Okay. Color color coat. In these boxes means the circumference coverage. The mileage coverage. What does White mean? And what does black meaning The black is probably top of the line. Blue and called or minor or like, maybe 25 a blue might be like 50 radius. Black, maybe maybe 100 radius. The goals might be like 20. There's no quite they come in certain colors. It's a black box. You attach it to your computer and your programming..

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