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Yeah i definitely want to see it i've been traveling so much of the last couple of months just like the idea of i feel out falsely the fight went into a dark room for two hours yeah hundred that'd be the end of it if i understand that but yeah the division the fact that i don't think the divisions anchored in hey every knows lara croft everybody knows nathan drake everybody knows character the division is hey there's this team of agents that are trying to save new york through this plague that sounds great well let's not forget it's tom clancy's division and tom clancy makes good movies sure our wish them the best i i can't hope for it because you know we've been burned so many times but i wish him the best injury i mean you've been burned doom you know what i mean doom was bad moving and then super mario brothers and then bush goes on i mean there's a lot of bad there's a lot of when i was talking about tomb raider being the first one that i was like a good movie people like silent hill two or silent hills i was like was a silent hill moving you a bowl is in tire fucking catalog of movies are not good those are all video game moral combat though my favorite the nineties one oh so good sequel nile asian chung movie starring kristen kirk smallville yeah that's right that happened that was the thing i think it was maybe it was made for tv i don't know i don't remember anymore i digress asia i'm excited to see this division movie comes together but it's so far away if i wanted to know what came to the video game mama grop shops today where would i go you would go to the official list of upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of funny games show each and every weekday to did it to here.

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