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Resort casino three oh one in New Hampshire heartache. Is series, leading sixth win of the NASCAR season. And again tonight brewers. Had to get it, going Washington is in town, the first, of three our coverage. Starts at six thirty five seven eighteen of WTMJ there's a. New effort to battle obesity and inactivity. In Wisconsin first lady Tonette Walker spearheading. That efforts, you'll join. John Mercure at three thirty. Wisconsin's afternoon nouvelle food cream puffs are just amazing they're so good Fine We kept to. Wisconsin state fair is right around the, corner this opportunity that bring memory Steve's, gift Jeff Wagner in great Matsick on the. Fairground I love the. Food I love the. Music I love the exhibit elevated, family friendly experience that Wisconsin state fair with the biggest stake in the state GM's Hi Samantha here from Heiser, automotive and I have awesome news highs road trip in promotions back all, month, long sap in and registered a win. Tonight state to Wisconsin dells resort for four and four passes Noah's. Ark there's no purchase. Necessary that's. Right no purchase. Necessary so bring, everyone you, know don't. Wait it ends July. Thirty first visit Heiser dot. Com for. Details today's your day must be eighteen years or older Eighty seven ninety. Nine one hundred per store. Or four. Total winter smoking s. eighteen see store for details Folks this is Hake Albert owner of BBC lighting all roads lead some I store in our customers come from all over the state to see thousands of the newest styles of writing ceiling fans lamps and lampshades all. Priced at fifty to ninety percent on, our prices are far less than any other store including the internet as you. Browse through our huge showroom you'll also find antiques collectibles rights. For the kids and are famous free popcorn spend an afternoon here and see what. Everyone is talking about BBC, is a homegrown company created in our great state of Wisconsin thirty years ago I shortened our regional name the badger bug company. To BBC lighting BBC is open seven days a week and essentially located at twentieth in Saint Paul avenue the puddle casino Traffic, and weather together at seven twenty good morning.

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