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The parapet is saying but they still haven't found out the substitute for me. So there's a human beings of course we this particular group of service personnel. I am considering leadership as it applies to a military unit however having been associated with industry for some time now I find it difficult to completely separate the principles of military and industrial leadership. They have much in common and he retired in nineteen fifty three nineteen seventy-one he worked with some companies. I know he was the chairman of Bova. Bova say below watch company B. U. L. VA below ver- Boulevard He was chairman of that. So that's a big company so he understood the same thing that we now know to be true. And that's a strong statement that I say yes I did. We know to be true. I couldn't have told you this. Ten years. The day I retired from the from the Navy I couldn't have told you that military and civilian leadership. I couldn't have answered that question. I didn't know it. I didn't know the answer until I started working with civilian companies that I said. Oh these are the same. The same principles employed both situations. And that's what Omar Bradley saying here. He says they have much in common. They have more than much. They have a lot in common. I'd go so far as to say that everything in common but there's differences but I'll tell you the differences between leading an army platoon leading Marine Corps platoon. Those little differences. There are the same differences between leading a gas station and a construction site. There's so going from one construction site to another country. There's little differences That are used to say that about Simpson's 'cause like the difference between a senior number. Superman are the same differences that you find. They're just going to be differences in those situations. The principles don't change the principles. Don't change leading a construction site that princess principles don't change leading a manufacturing line. The principles don't change leading a girl scout troop leadership leadership moving on in selecting company in which to invest our savings. We often give primary consideration to the company with good leadership in similar manner. A military unit is often judged by its leadership. Good leadership is essential to organize organized action. Where any group is involved. Now if you were to dig down into this right here. I'm here to tell you if you're going to invest in a company the number one thing you should look at is. What's the leadership because if they have a great product groundbreaking crocked you but they have horrible leadership? It doesn't matter. Leadership should be the number one you component you look at when we work with investment groups. Sometimes they're wanting us just to tell them doing assessment. Make an assessment. What what is this leadership pod like one of these humans like are they good leaders? Do they have capabilities? Do they have potential our neighbor at like those are the questions continue on the one who commands Bahia military officer or captain of industry. Must Project power an energizing power which coordinates marshals the best efforts of his followers by supplying that certain something for which they look to him be guidance support encouragement example or even new ideas and imagination projecting power. That's an interesting concept and look. I'd love to tell you well you know that's no you didn't need to project but if you dig a little bit deeper on that statement it's fairly accurate projection of power appear powerful dip just saying hey. I got this. We can do this. You know what I mean. Yeah I guess it's a form of confidence which he talks about later but I think that that projection of power and an energizing power. Yes that's what he's talking about. Which coordinates in Marshall's the best efforts you you've seen this before right. Let's just look at a a kind of a generic situation. You see group. They're not really focused. They're not really making anything happened. And all of a sudden the leader steps up takes control exhibits that power and they and Marshall's those people to move in the same direction. That's what leadership is. Watch American beauty. Your what's that movie? I have seen it but I don't really remember actually pretty good. But there's a part this guy. His name was name. I forget his name but he called himself the king of real estate in kind of an odd one off character and he said to the lady. I forget something Burnham Anyway says to the lady a call me crazy but it's my philosophy that in order to be successful one must project an image of success at all times interesting super cheesy man I think and let. Let's think about that right. You project. An image of successful at all time. When are you projecting you're vulnerable vulnerability? When are you projecting your humility? If you're walking around by the the the the Merck right at your role in with the Rolex Mercedes your Sukkur understand role with the Merck and the Rolex the release acting success. Yeah but I I don't I don't know I don't necessarily well when I heard L. Say probably you're supposed that's all you'd like. Basically it was because like he just broke up with his girl and then the lady was like all. I thought you guys were doing so well or whatever it was alive in silly like basically I put on images success to be successful in my business. I don't know whatever I got a better idea. Want to be successful. Why don't you be humble Why don't you step up and work hard? There's a bunch of other better ways to be successful than pretending to be successful. Helmuth That out to right now agree.

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